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About the Job

About Arcade:
Arcade is a large Web 3 metaverse gaming platform focused on inclusiveness and interoperability. We are creating an inclusive gaming metaverse for all NFT projects that adds utility and additional value to NFT projects and their community, allowing NFT holders to socialize, play and earn in the Arcade Metaverse using their favorite NFT avatar. Our vision is to create a metaverse, start a new economy and virtual life there. Arcade bringing projects and communities onboard to join the crew ship and would like to include you!

About The Role:
As an Art Director your illustration craft expertise combined with creativity and keen eye for design will help us establish consistent branding across our Marketing Channels & The Development of Digital Assets in our Metaverse. You'll be an highly versatile person that Is able to Lead a team of a large team of concept artist to deliver and execute on the vision of the project , You will set clear goals for your time and ensure the execution of processes to deliver those goals in a timely manner and appropriate standards.

1.Organizing team communications and plan events both internally and externally
2.Interacting with cross-functions or cross-departments for daily operations
3.Collect industry information
4.Other jobs assigned by CEO

1. 3 year or More executive assistance experience
2. Web 3.0 Experience & Vast Understanding of the market.
3. Fluent in spoken and written English
4. High Level of communication, Coordination and Resource Management to ensure successful Problem Solving and Work Output





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