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About the Company

Founded in 2014, Alif has grown into one of the leading fintech companies in Central Asia, and is now growing beyond. Alif offers an ecosystem of in-house developed financial and technological solutions: the most widely used finance app alif mobi, a popular Point-of-sales financing payment system, the largest online retail platform alif shop, and a cheap, fast and safe remittance system.

About the Job

Call for an advisor with technical experience in crypto lending.

We started Alif in a banking-crisis environment. That experience pushed us towards greater efficiency, towards doing things differently, and ultimately, becoming FinTech. The crypto-market being where it is, we feel it is one of the most appropriate times to ramp up our blockchain team.

We believe that clear regulation and the wider applications of blockchain can ultimately transform the global financial ecosystem for the better. At Alif, we are taking our first steps in this direction, and we intend to start with retail lending. It is important for us to accomplish this with Islamic banking principles in mind.

We are looking for an advisor with operational or IT experience in crypto-lending projects, or Β  DeFi/CeFi more broadly, with understanding (and ideally some experience) in as many of the areas below as possible:

- setting up crypto-lending infrastructure;
- setting up custodial accounts;
- building risk management tools for margin calls and execution;
- treasury and liquidity management on various networks and coins;
- setting up KYC and AML processes;
- familiarity with major players in the ecosystem including market makers, hedge funds, liquidity providers, and OTC desks;
- experience in credit, lending, underwriting, finance, or related fields.

We expect the board advisor to spend 1-2 hours per week with us online.

Please see more info about Alif on If you are interested in the position, please kindly email us.


Blockchain, crypto, crypto-lending, finance.


Negotiable + Equity

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