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About the Company

We are a small social media team creating content primarily on YouTube. Uniquely our channel specialize in cryptocurrency and its interplay with global economics, politics, and history where appropriate. Our mission is to enlighten, entertain, and empower our viewers on their crypto journeys, cutting through the noise to deliver accurate, insightful, and engaging content.

About the Job

We are currently looking for passionate and talented Crypto Content Writers to join our newly formed social media team. If you have exceptional writing, storytelling or researching abilities, and a natural interest for politics, economics or history, as they pertain to crypto - then we'd love to work with you.

Our Mission:

First, we want you to feel you have a rewarding career, both creatively and monetarily.

Second, we want to utilize and hone your creative passions for the express purpose of: empowering, engaging, and entertaining other like-minded individuals, as they navigate their own financial life-journeys.

Together we will destabilize the status quo, foster critical thinking, challenge pre-conceived notions, and deliver fresh and interesting truths to a world (and certainly subject), full of mistruths and manipulation.

Key Responsibilities:

Research, outline, and write scripts for video content focused on crypto, global economy, economic history, world politics, and other relevant areas.
Ensure that all content is accurate, comprehensive, and adds high value to our audience.
Collaborate with team members to brainstorm, plan, and develop new content ideas.
Utilize audience feedback, analytics, and trends to improve and refine content style and delivery.
Adapt to on-the-job training and constructive feedback to enhance your content creation skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

Outstanding research and/or writing skills.
A strong interest and understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
Prior experience in, or a passion for: content creation, scriptwriting, journalism, or a related field.
Familiarity with global economic trends, economic history, and/or world politics.
Familiarity with AI such as ChatGPT and the field of 'prompt engineering'.
Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
A knack for creating engaging and entertaining content that appeals to a wide audience.

What We Offer:

A rewarding creative outlet for your passions and insights, all being resonated with by a wide audience.
On-the-job training and feedback to help you learn and grow in the field of research and content creation.
Complete flexibility and freedom to choose when, and how much, you want to work.
Profit sharing allowing you the right to earn back the value you provide, in addition to a regular wage.
Being a valued member of our team, and an important part of our ambitious growth journey.

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