Crypto Marketing Manager at Seascape Network

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About the Job

Seascape is a blockchain gaming platform set to revolutionize the way the world looks at gaming. With 4 games on 3 major blockchains, and hundreds of thousands of adoring fans across the globe, Seascape is ready to take things to the next level. During Q4 2021, Seascape will release 3 new key products, and will need the help of some amazing new talent.

We are now looking for a marketing manager with a specialization in crypto and everything blockchain to join our team and help us on the next step of our journey.

About You:
You went down the crypto rabbit-hole and have never looked back since. A true marketing professional, you want to join an ambitious project with the potential to revolutionize the blockchain and gaming world forever. You are a leader, a go-getter and creative thinker that always strives for perfection and new ways to reach out and onboard new users. You have a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of marketing, and what you don’t yet know you are highly motivated to learn.

Your Responsibilities:
1. Apply your expertise in marketing to reach out to new audiences and turn them into hyper engaged users.
2. Take ownership of the growth and continue success of all Seascape’s projects and games Identify and execute marketing opportunities on key user growth channels
3. Assist the rest of the marketing team to brainstorm, plan and execute branding and marketing campaigns, as well as other original content
4. Plan, write and design engaging pieces of content with the content and design department such as videos, blogs, and infographics
5. Work with our ambassadors to increase engagement and the company’s reach, keeping in line with the company’s image and focus on quality
6. Reach out and build a relationship with influencers to get them to promote the company’s product
7. Find other crypto projects and/or teams that could participate in the Seascape ecosystem Respond to any custom issues on social media and other platforms
8. Help expand and improve the Seascape ecosystem to reach out and convert new users including, but not limited to, social media, advertising, ambassador program, email marketing, influencer marketing, branding, and more.

1. Strong demonstrable interest in cryptocurrencies, interest in gaming a plus
2. At least 3 years relevant experience
3. Fluent in English, other major languages a bonus
4. Strong sense of social media trends and community building
5. Self motivated team player
6. Highly organized with an attention to details
7. Initiative Driven
8. Excellent Command of written English
9. Can multi-task in a fast-changing environment with short deadlines
10. Located, or willing to relocate to a European time zone

1. Full-time salary based on experience
2. Flexible hours and smart working options
3. Possibility to work remotely
4. Become a leader of your team as project grows
5. Networking in a dynamic field


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