Crypto Research Analyst at Lyra Capital

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About the Job

The ideal candidate will turn data into actionable insights by recognizing trends and anomalies in multivariate datasets. In order to use these insights for business improvement, this candidate should feel comfortable using their analysis to tell a story. The successful candidate will be a specialist with research experience in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The candidate will conduct deep-dive research into the cryptocurrency market, analyze emerging themes and projects, and write regular research reports.

In this role, you will perform research, valuations, and appraisals of cryptocurrencies, with our team members to deliver quality investment directives.

As a researcher, you'll work cross-function with our research and marketing team to produce and deliver client-focused analysis and synthesized trends.
You'll have the flexibility to deep-dive into any and every crypto asset (NFTs, Oracles, Layer 1, DeFi, Gaming, Web 3.0).
Generate investment pitch decks with the data and analysis to support an investment thesis.
You would be presenting our crypto thesis on our Youtube channel, telegram, Twitter, and writing investment newsletter and monthly deep dives.
Assess cryptocurrency valuation, risks, and opportunities for cryptocurrency investments.
Analyze token economics and value accrual mechanisms of different tokens.
Conduct in-depth research of the crypto market and emerging themes such as (Defi, Interoperability, NFTs, etc.)
Develop investment ideas by implementing fundamental/quantitative analysis frameworks on market data and blockchain data.
Develop dashboards to track key indicators for blockchain projects.
Track trends in crypto market structure evolution, blockchain tech innovation, and mainstream adoption.
Build and keep track of crypto-asset model portfolios.
Write weekly research publications to communicate ideas and themes to the team and clients.
Present actionable insights to the Investment Committee.
Participate in meetings with new crypto projects with the aim of understanding the value proposition better.
Liaise with the marketing team for social media communications related to research pieces.
Identify potential collaboration opportunities with other research houses.

Other Responsibilities

Conduct fact-based research and analysis
Assist with publication of research commentaries and papers
Evaluate new and established research sources
Prepare materials that summarize data and draw conclusions to support key business discussions.


Demonstrated experience of working in a cryptocurrency and digital assets research role.
Profound knowledge of various crypto trends, investment analysis methods, market structure, and participants.
Experience in writing research reports geared towards professional investors.
Outstanding oral and written communication skills.
Project management skills.
Should be self-driven and detail-oriented with a highly analytical mindset.
Independent thinking skills.
Affinity towards social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience.
Expertise with SPSS, Excel, and PowerPoint.
Previous quantitative and qualitative research experience.


Analysis, research, writing research



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