Cryptocurrency Internship Program at Paperclip Partners

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About the Job

Paperclip Partners is looking for driven and diligent individuals with a strong work ethic to immerse themselves in our research and advisory operations. We are a team of crypto native builders and investors who are committed to funding innovative technologies and teams within the crypto space. This learning opportunity will be a blend of research, writing, community building skills, and project specific operations.

This unique immersive position will include:

- An inclusive environment with a structure for quickly gaining a crypto native context under the guidance of founders who have been actively involved in the space since 2012.

- Future job and investing opportunities at Paperclip, our portfolio companies, our partnering VC firms and companies within our founder network.

- Access to our personal network of crypto veterans including first hires/founding team members of projects such as Solana, FTX, Magic Eden and more.

- As with the crypto space in general, a very high reward ceiling for those who learn quickly and can excel, but also a relatively high amount of risk and time investment.

- Involvement in discussions and research at the bleeding edge of exciting fields such as GameFi and DeFi.

- Flexible hours and a variety of areas to focus on depending on interest.

Description - There will be two streams to follow

Project specific - Observation and involvement in specific projects that we are building or advising.

- Will range from research and writing, to community management and business development.

- Join operations calls with founders, advisors and investors.

- Engage in our project specific online communities.

- Propose and own specific operations within projects.

Paperclip Research - General crypto research in an area of interest.

- Learn to conduct qualitative and quantitative research on trending projects and protocols, and structure the findings in a report.

- Following news and twitter to stay up to date with the most impactful stories

- Contributing to Paperclip twitter account, medium, and our internal knowledge bases by drafting posts and reports.

- Learning to build research frameworks for new and emerging areas of interest.

- Leverage social media to distribute new research content, create meaningful discussions with the broader community, and grow an audience.


This learning program will be an opt-in opportunity with scope to be involved as much or little as desired with a rough minimum time commitment of 5hrs/week over a 1 month period. There will be ample opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in our active portfolio of crypto projects. After this period, interns will continue as a long term community member and/or be offered a more formal work arrangement in our team. Those who invest more time in engaging and becoming involved will give us more data points to make an assessment on any future positions or job recommendations.


Candidates should consider the following:

- Prior experience in crypto, finance, tech, computer science, economics, actuarial studies, engineering, or any other mathematical discipline whilst not necessary would be beneficial.

- Crypto is a nascent field where learning rate, hustle, and growth potential is much more important than background

- Have a high willingness to take on any task big or small, and follow through to the end.

- High integrity and trustworthiness is a must.

- Willing to take initiative in unstructured situations and execute on ideas from the opportunities presented to you.

- Strong writing and storytelling skills are desirable.


Applicants can apply for the position by attaching any samples of written work (research reports - on any topic)

A resume or summary of past experience/accomplishments

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by the Partners to assess their suitability and level of interest in the respective streams.

We will notify successful candidates after the interview and internal review process.





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