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CTO / Optimization + Strategy

Posted 41 days ago

Provisn is an all-in-one Platform as a Service on a subscription model bringing the best tools + analytics to the masses. It is a highly personalized, trustworthy, and top-quality project, so please check it out before replying. Our goal is to bring financial freedom to the masses, and create adoption in this space as it is the fastest growing asset class in the history of the world, and these are the companies that will be the ones we look to in the future. Using my skills as one of the highest touted marketeers and growth specialists in the world, and our companies vision, we are well on our way to achieving this mission.

Personally, I have had 5 acquisitions to date (2 unicorns), and this is my 6th project, 1st here in Amsterdam where all hire(s) from here out must work out of office. ZERO remote workers, we are at our growth, product optimization, and retention stages.

That being said, are you the best of the best of the best? What value can you bring?

Looking for a hard-working, proactive, absolutely top developer to constantly help optimize our product (we are doing a lot of things that the world hasn't seen before, for example a recurring subscription model where the user is able to pay in any currency) - this is an extremely unique opportunity and project. We need an absolute senior CTO/Lead dev to work with the rest of our tech team (currently 3) to help execute our vision.

You have the ability to bring your code to life, can manage a team (will be working with tech team, creative team, marketing team, and our data scientist). We are very collaborative as to get the best out of everyone. In this extremely collaborative environment, you'll have to have the foresight to create and see issues, fixes, and optimizations down the line, which you'll already start creating solutions to with other company members.

The main goal is to help our core team constantly improve our products and value of offering, while acquiring and retaining users through every single method and then some.

There has been a tremendous amount of top notch work to date, so only looking for the absolute best individual possible whom is looking for challenge and wants to a part of something that WILL change the world.

Best practices, design, and MVP development have already been put into place, we're looking for additional support and optimization across all verticals (tech in this case). We are a start up, but we are a VERY accomplished group of individuals, and funded.

You must be a creative out of the box thinker and help optimize conceptualize and execute a full scope of initiatives, on time and delivered via our best practice operations; then adjust based on results. You are PROACTIVE, hard working, and understand the opportunity here.

You also have:
- Experience leading a team with a multi-disciplinary product that is constantly changing
- UI/UX experience: we are a Platform as a service, so will always be improving product, while running marketing campaigns across over 10 platforms with multiple voices/tones to test acquisition, etc. There will always be a focus on conversion (acquisition), retaining those users, and making sure all external facing assets are absolute top notch and in-line with our brand guidelines / visual identity.
-An understanding of crypto currency. (somewhat)
-A killer instinct, and burning desire to create something new that is mass-adopted.

-Experience in management & product growth
-Full stack Essentials
-Python & django
-HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JS (JQuery)
-Websockets with django channels - e.g. socials tab
-AWS / Server optimization
-and anything else that can help optimize our tech.

**This is not a freelance job, this would be a 3 month contract, and then the ability to become an equity partner (quarterly net dividends + monthly salary).

Our office is on Herengracht 282 (see photos) and is absolutely beautiful, you must be able to work from location. as we are adamant about ABSOLUTELY NO FREELANCERS, and must work from our Provisn office, which we can guarantee is beyond beautiful.

Our goal is to bring cryptocurrency to the masses and creatively build those bridges to the masses, as THE trustworthy all-in-one content and information hub. We have already proven concept, so now we're fortifying. Timing, team, and product is there, now it's time to take things to the next level... hopefully you can be a part of this future.

We are looking for 100% commitment, contract is negotiable, and you must be in office in Amsterdam. There are too many perks, so lets talk -


Options for equity after a 3 month contract include equity that pays out quarterly on net-profit dividends; a truly incentivized model while still getting a salary.


full stack essentials, python, django, html, css, bootstrap, JS, JQuery, Docker, Git, Websockets with Django channels, AWS server optimization


8000 + Equity

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