Cult Manager at Moonrail Limited

268 days ago
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About the Company

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About the Job

We're hiring a Cult Manager, also known as the Cult Lord, to take over cult operations for our in-house cult known as Monarch's Castle.

Over the last several years, CSGOEmpire has been in a battle against shady operators and scam casinos in this space such as CSGODiamonds, Skinhub, and more recently CSGORoll. Our efforts have culminated into the cult known as Monarch's Castle, filled with tens of eager individuals ready to contribute to the war efforts. This involves exposing shady websites and their promoters, and taking action against them. The cult encompasses various elements including deep lore about our founder and incredibly schizo pieces of writing which you will need to familiarize yourself with.

You will take over cult operations. You will report directly to Monarch, our CEO, about the happenings in the cult. You must independently execute and coordinate with mini warlords to organize and launch attacks. You must be able to understand the high level purpose of these attacks as well as the various potential attack angles that can be taken. You must be highly organized and have the ability to both build a solid structure for the cult while also understanding the inherent schizo nature of the overarching operation. You will be responsible for building the incentives and hierarchy of the cult, although this responsibly can largely be delegated if you so choose. You must be an excellent communicator so that you can send powerful messages to the cult community both independently and on behalf of Monarch. You must be good with people so that you can inspire and build a true thriving community.

In summary, you will be responsible for the success of the cult, and you must have that dawg in you.


Warlord, Community Management, Writing, Organization, Dawg In You



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