Marketing Specialist at Tapdeep

14 days ago
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About the Company

Tapdeep is a web3 company in singapore, which has teams in China 1、PlanckX is the next generation game asset trading platform where you own and trade in-game crypto assets (for example game NFT, game equipments ect) and govern as a stake holder in a decentralised autonomous organization. PlanckX DAO's vision is to create a game asset trading platform that is truly governed by the community. 2、HamBit is your one-stop payments guru. We help businesses accept payments at a lower cost and provide a wallet system so your money has endless possibilities!

About the Job

Job Description

1. Deeply learn and master the company's products, analyze target markets and customer needs

2. Actively develop and track potential customers through online/offline multi-channel channels, and establish good relationships with customers

3. Independently complete business negotiations and maintain business cooperation relationships, responsible for the entire process and results of business cooperation

4. Collect and analyze competitor, market, industry information and trends, and propose reasonable suggestions

5. Complete other work tasks assigned by superiors

Job requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or above, good English proficiency, can be used as a working language

2. At least 3 years of experience in TOB product sales and market expansion, familiar with B-end customer development and expansion channels

3. Industry experience and resources in cross-border payments, online games, cross-border e-commerce, etc. are preferred

5. Outgoing personality, good psychological qualities, strong interpersonal and public relations skills, and excellent business negotiation skills

6. High emotional intelligence, able to effectively coordinate and maintain partnership relationships, with a keen judgment ability to identify cooperation opportunities




2000-4000 USD/month