📝 DRAFT — Decentralized Governance Research Scholar at The Metagovernance Project

Decentralized Governance Research Scholar

The Metagovernance Project

Posted 131 days ago

As a research scholar, you will catalog and study the governance policies of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and other online communities across the Internet. This will involve three projects: (1) direct contributions to Govbase through data collection and modeling, (2) data collection and analysis of DAOs and blockchain communities, especially that of Sifchain, through primary-source research, ethnographic interviews, and software analysis, and (3) translational research applying the results of the previous two projects to the writing of a computational constitution for SifDAO. Specifically, you will be expected to collect ethnographic data, as part of a project to identify and analyze subgames played by different subsets of participants in specific DAOs such as Synthetix, Yearn Finance, Compound, DXDao, and MetaCartel. You will identify best-practices and governance rules to structure these subgames. Finally, you have the opportunity to contribute to the design and writing of a computational constitution for SifDAO, a new DAO being developed by Sifchain. Additionally, you will be expected to regularly communicate your work to stakeholders at Sifchain and Metagov and to participate and contribute to the Metagovernance Project’s weekly research seminar and Sifchain’s regular community messages.

Note that programming literacy is required for this position, though you will not be expected to produce code.

You may be a fit for this role if you have…
- Experience with DAOs, whether as a participant or a researcher.
- Experience working in empirical social science on ethics-approved human-subject research.
- Comfort and experience working with technical subjects, technical partners, and/or technically-oriented communities.
- The ability to work independently and reach key milestones with minimal supervision.

Bonus points if you have…
- Experience in digital ethnography.
- Demonstrated interest in online community, governance, political theory, economics, or law.
- A history of independent research achievement.
- Master’s or PhD in a social science field (or equivalent experience).

How to apply for this position:
- Submit a CV, a writing sample, and a short cover letter explaining your interest.


Programming literacy



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