DeFi Developer at Arc Capital Investments

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About the Job

We are looking for DeFi Developer to join our team.

About Life at Arc:
Performance-aligned incentives, be judged on your performance, no 9-5 clock punching. Informal and non-hierarchical. We have fun but remain results-driven. We manage our own money, long-term focus with no FUD from LPs. Flexible/Remote working arrangements available.

- Set up back-end infrastructure to various blockchains and protocols
- Create tools to track/quantify activity and optimize execution
- Design and deploy systematic strategies to capture ecosystem inefficiencies
- Perform code due diligence on new projects to assess investability

- 1-2 years personal/professional experience in smart contract development/Solidity a plus.
- Good understanding of Ethereum and smart contracts with hands-on DeFi experience
- Understanding of other L1 blockchains/rollups is a plus
- Well-versed in CS fundamentals (OOP, data structures and algorithms, networking, databases)
- Strong quantitative and analytical skills
- Languages: JS, Python, C++, Golang, SQL, Rust, Solidity
- Github project references are also helpful


Python, C++, Solidity, SQL, JS



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