DeFi Mentor at Decentralized Masters

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About the Company

We want to improve customer satisfaction by caring for them and finding + implementing ways to improve the customer journey. Our mission is to teach and educate customers on DeFi, and provide them with all the tools to leverage the Decentralized Ecosystem.

About the Job

# Responsibilities

- Lead a minimum of 10 group coaching sessions per week that are optimized and systematic (scripted)
- Take responsibility for the success of approx 400 students per 6 months on the following KPIs:
- Methodically educate and coach customers on our platform by explaining complex concepts in a simplistic manner.
- Continuous follow up with customers to ensure success, keeping the end goal in mind.
- Perform intensive analysis on research projects to understand what works and why, and present your research.
- Delivering value to customers
- Automate a system to consistently deliver top value to customers
- Auto news feed
- Determine and understand market sentiment through thorough on chain analysis
- Perform trading/technical analysis to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities
- Share your knowledge of DeFi, crypto communities, and knowledge of traditional finance products. You know what’s happening, what is working and not working
- 2 alpha articles per week
- etc.
- Build tech tools that improve our product value, and help customers in attaining their goals.
- Implement a gamification system within our community to enhance participation and engagement - come up with new KPIs
- Be available to take care of potential issues/problems

# Knowledge and Skills

- Experience leading education initiatives, programs, etc.
- Strong exposure in the DeFi community and social media presence.
- Must be a user of DeFi investment
- Comprehensive understanding of the crypto/blockchain space.
- Excellent interpersonal skills.
- Excellent emotional intelligence.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and the ability to discuss and explain technical concepts, solutions and architectures
- Extreme open-mindedness to new ideas with a mindset of continuous learning


Defi, Presentation Skills, Trading Analysis, On Chain Analysis, Crypto/Blockchain experience, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence



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