DeFi Research Analyst at VirgoX

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About the Job

Established in May, 2020, VirgoX is the world’s first one-stop digital asset trading platform dedicated to stable currency transactions and cutting-edge innovation. By providing spot and futures transactions, integrating innovative digital asset lending models, it fully meets customers’ diversified digital assets trading and financial management needs. VirgoX launched the DeFi Vault farming program, enabling the customers to lock the asset and earn revenue from safe and time-saving auto DeFi mining, has become the star product ever since.
As the industry leader, we value all talents who share the growth goal with the company. VirgoX has developed rapidly in scale, and its current business has covered many regions in Asia and South America. The company adheres to the model of encouraging cultivation and innovation, provides competitive industry salaries, promotes and rewards individuals with outstanding performance, and enables employees and the company to grow together.
• As DeFi Research Analyst , you are expected to have a deep understanding of DeFi industry, including ETH main net, Polygon , BSC, Heco etc.
• You are expected to have some basic understanding of smart contract. Able to read through various auditing report and identify potential risks of leveraging DeFi Protocols
• You will have lots of fun in emerging yourself to the DeFi world on the day to day basis, identifying various opportunities for asset allocations
• You have ongoing obligations to monitor how each DeFi protocols behave overtime and setting up alerts in case of risk events
• Conduct DD on various projects, understanding the design mechanism, checking the social sentiments, conducting management team/ Dev team interviews to ensure highest safety level
• Report to management team regarding finds and present suitable allocation suggestions


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; 2+ years of experience in financial derivatives, blockchain, or crypto research; 1+ years of experience in DeFi.


50000-70000 USD/year + project-based compensations

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