Developer Advocate — Community Leader & Full Stack Developer at Holo Ltd

Developer Advocate — Community Leader & Full Stack Developer

Holo Ltd

Posted 202 days ago

The Role:
As a Holochain Developer Advocate, your role is to equip developers in our community to build distributed applications and help grow the ecosystem. Your focus is a mix of building tools and resources, delivering trainings and presentations online and offline, and developing relationships.

Essential Responsibilities Include:
Building Tools & Resources:
- Develop first-class developer scenarios and demo apps, collateral, and training material to demonstrate the value of Holochain and build excitement.
- Write production-quality code and contribute to Holochain tools, applications, core components, mixins, tutorials, and examples.
- Commit, review, and test Holochain-Core code.
- Participate in the full Holochain app development process, as well as UX development & optimization.
- Comfortable with full stack web and mobile/desktop software development; for example, progressive web front-end, web services, web application, and optional native mobile/desktop development.
- Excel in software architecture, including creating composable libraries and starter applications for use by developers in the ecosystem.
- Create technical content for publication on our blog and other channels to show developers how to implement specific solutions or use the Holochain Development Kit (HDK).
- Training, Webinars, and Presentations:
- Educate and empower developers through technical workshops and webinars.
- Speak and share your expertise at developer groups and conferences.
- Willingness to take the stage—a developer advocate needs to deliver presentations that are effective.
- Present technology with enthusiasm and authenticity to developers, developer managers, and CTOs.
- Deliver presentations at Meetups, Hackathons, Developer Challenges, and significant community events.
- Submit papers to speak at relevant technical conferences.

Building Communities and Relationships:
- Build strategic relationships and partnerships with individuals, companies, and organizations with whom we share common communities.
- Advocate on behalf of our development community so that they feel their voices are heard, concerns are addressed, and feedback is incorporated into key development decisions.
- Support our developers wherever they are—on Mattermost, forums, Stack Overflow, and everywhere in between.
- Create new market opportunities and identify innovative solutions to expand developer engagements.
- Be an inspiring leader in the market and the voice of developers in the ecosystem.

Skills & Experience:
- You are a community leader and understand the vital work that is involved in ecosystem management. Developers are one of the most valuable constituencies in our ecosystem today; as such, our developer community can help catalyze the expansion and adoption of Holochain.
- You are a forward-thinking developer, masterful communicator, and ecosystem influencer.
- You have passion, curiosity, technical depth, and extraordinary communication and presentation skills.
- You have solid and diverse engineering skills—have a good pulse of current development technologies across several platforms.
- You geek out over building apps, finding solutions to hard problems, interacting with other developers and derive intrinsic satisfaction from helping others learn by doing.
- You can converse with a broad range of developer technologies and communities (Rust, Javascript, iOS/Android, OpenStack, Distributed Ledger Technologies, to name a few) while having deep domain expertise in a specific area.
- You are a friendly and approachable person, as well as a great mentor.
- You have an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to act effectively with only high-level direction.
- You also can speak the language of business and understand how these technologies align with an organization's business and technical needs.
- You are able to work irregular hours and some weekends to support Hackathons, conferences, and other developer events (online and offline).

In an ideal world:
- You can demo an application that you have built using the Holochain Development Kit (HDK) as part of the interview process.
- 5+ years of engineering or software developer experience
- More than 6 months participation in the community, familiarity with Holochain, and/or distributed technologies
- Proven experience of advocacy for a technology
- Links to other websites and resources where we might learn more about you (GitHub, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, website, etc.) are greatly appreciated

Some details about what we offer:
- Generous salary (National Currency)
- Generous crypto pay program (HOT & HoloFuel)
- Supportive team trial period
- Regular team meetings (video and in person)
- Collaborative and inspiring culture
- Flexible work schedules and vacation
- Motivated, passionately engaged, and evolutionary global teammates

Holo is an equal opportunity employer that celebrate a diverse, creative, and collaborative team.


Full stack, community leadership, presenter


5000 USD/month

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