Developer Relations Manager at Swisstronik

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About the Company

Swisstronik is a Layer-1 solution designed to build scalable decentralized applications that ensure users' data protection and privacy while remaining in compliance with local blockchain policies.

About the Job


1) To attract, engage and educate the developer community according to our current goals (e.g. to test our code, build on top of our blockchain etc)
2) Content research, planning and copywriting (in English) for social media, blog and PR:
- Liaise with the development team to prepare a weekly development recap in writing (in English): what was done, what the team is working on, how is it going (any challenges, breakthroughs, sudden discoveries) and participate in the follow-up discussions;
- Share any important dev/tech news asap to supplement the content plan (no need to wait for the weekly recap);
- Keep track of the relevant technologies and provide comments / content ideas if something important happens in the world (potentially even run weekly rubrics on that);
- Write tech documentation for devs and other tech-related materials: blog posts, Twitter threads, tech tutorials, speaker notes, comments on behalf of the company’s speakers, presentations etc
- Final marketing content proofreading/approval to ensure all tech aspects are reflected correctly
3) Grow our developer community:
- Help moderate the overall community across social networks and other resources (answer questions in a timely manner etc, together with our Community Managers);
- Participate in Twitter Spaces, AMA sessions etc to support the team on tech topics;
- Develop and launch ambassador / referral programs and other engagement campaigns for developers (with the help of the Ambassador Manager on the day-to-day management side);
- Manage Github: check if there are any issues, and fix them (together with our dev team)
4) Marketing/promo activities planning for developers:
- Marketing strategy brainstorming when it comes to the dev community;
- Finding new communication channels to onboard and engage the dev audience: events, platforms for bug bounties, etc.
- Provide insights on the dev community & behavior and run tech-specific research where needed;
- Based on the community feedback, formulate product improvement hypothesis together with the mkt team and pass it on to the product team, come up with ideas on how to improve the communication with devs (e.g launching new tutorials, Q&As, etc.);

Must have’s:
- Fluent written and spoken English
- Previous experience working as a Developer Relations Manager or similar role
- Advanced technical writing skills and understanding of marketing: in particular PR & SMM (Discord & GitHub)
- Understanding of the development basics in the blockchain sphere (ideally, previous experience working as a developer); being part of the blockchain developer community & sharing their mindset
- Understanding of blockchain evolution, different networks and platforms, consensus mechanisms
- Ability to work long hours to support the community chats; ability to work independently and proactively with minimal direction


Development, Blockchain, Discord, Github, Development Relations



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