DevSecOps at Nethermind

155 days ago

About the Job

Our Angkor team is responsible for building products that resonate with the ideology "building blocks of web3.0". The team manages and monitors the infra of several clients, running validators, automating infra management, CI/CD services, and products around blockchain data.

As a member of this team you will:

- Make assessment and hardening of our CI/CD pipelines and cloud-based infrastructures (Github Actions)
- Support for project teams in implementing the best security practices in the design, development, and maintenance of infrastructure and web applications.
- Manage identity and access in a cloud infrastructure
- Build secure networking layers (VPCs, Routing, Security Groups, Gateways)
- Deploy and maintain the blockchain infrastructure in a multi-cloud environment, apply the best security practices (Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean)
- Follow the best, modern security patterns to keep the secrets secure
- Monitor the infrastructure with tools like Grafana, Prometheus, New Relic, OpsGenie
- Automate work - yours and others using the modern IaC tools/services (Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation)
- Write clean procedures that everybody can understand and follow
- Participate in the Ethereum ecosystem events from the DevOps side
- Work with a Docker and Docker-compose in both development and production environments
- Work with many different operating systems with a strong focus on Linux

Perks and benefits:
- Fully remote
- Flexible working hours
- Plus equity

We are a team of world class builders and researchers with expertise across several domains: Ethereum Protocol Engineering, Layer-2, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Miner Extractable Value (MEV), Smart Contract Development, Security Auditing and Formal Verification.

Working to solve some of the most challenging problems in the blockchain space, we frequently collaborate with renowned companies, such as Ethereum Foundation, StarkWare, Flashbots, xDai, Open Zeppelin, Forta Protocol, Energy Web, POA Network and many more.

We actively contribute to Ethereum core development, EIP's and network upgrades together with the Ethereum Foundation, and other client teams.

Today, there are 100+ of us distributed across the world.

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DevOps, DevSecOps, Docker, Grafana, AWS, Google Cloud, Terraform, Blockchain


Competitive + Equity

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