Director Asia-Pacific at aeternity blockchain

Director Asia-Pacific

aeternity blockchain

Posted 174 days ago

Founded in 2016, æternity is an open-source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform that builds on decentralized cryptographic P2P technology. Designed to deliver unmatched productivity, transparent governance, and global scalability.

Æternity Establishment is seeking a Director for our Business Development in the Asia-Pacific region. We are looking for a person speaking Mandarin who enjoys developing new prospects, whilst establishing and broadening relations and blockchain projects with existing customers. Ultimately you will build a sustainable pipeline, supporting æternity's position in the Asian-Pacific region. This position relies on broad experience (IT, Sales and Marketing) and judgment to plan and accomplish defined goals.

Your tasks include:

- Understand æternitys technology
- Analyse the market and find business use cases, strategies and
opportunities for æternity technology in the Asia-Pacific region
- Expand our local business-relations network
- Acquire new prospects
- Maintain good relations with our existing partners, coordinate and expand
existing projects and business relations
- Coordinate and/or support projects our asian-pacific partners
- Attend and represent æternity on conferences and meetings. (Oversea travel
- Become the go-to person in the Mandarin-speaking æternity community
Attend and represent æternity on conferences and meetings. (Oversea travel
- Organize/Support æternity events in Asia-Pacific
- Support various communicational matters in Mandarin language when
needed (telegram, wechat, translation of content, etc.- mainly done by our
communications team)
- Ultimately establish a Hub in the Asian-Pacific region

This fits your personality:

- Enjoys meeting new people and grasping their business needs and
- Eager to learn about innovative approaches, projects and technologies
- Works in a well-structured manner with the rest of the Business Development
- Can work in a distributed manner
- Thinks ahead and manages new tasks efficiently
- Creative mind that comes up with new ideas
- Is organized and able to keep track of multiple topics to manage
- Able to adapt to various business-cultures
- Highly professional communication skills to match and align various stake-
holder interests

Your background and skills:
- Multiple years experience (+5) in business development, project
management or a related field.
- Sound knowledge of blockchain technology and/or willingness to learn
- Experience in starting and following through projects.
- Languages: English and Mandarin (required), German (a plus), other Asian -
languages (as a plus).

The position of the Director Asian-Pacific is open to be adapted according to your skill-set and performance in the future.

Availability: Now
Capacity: 100%
Location: remote + frequent presence in Liechtenstein. Travel to various countries in Asian Region
Salary: Negotiable


- Understand æternitys technology - Analyse the market and find business use cases, strategies



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