Editor / Producer / Customer success at Provisn

Editor / Producer / Customer success

Posted 16 days ago

David La Melza
Chief Executive Officer

What is Provisn

Provisn is a curated data analytics platform for cryptocurrency. We aggregate and elevate predictive data to provide insight into market sentiment trends in the vastly growing crypto landscape. Our advanced tools and indicators highlight key information and metrics to help users follow and understand where the market is going. We provide the tools for users to increase their expertise in crypto and improve their overall efficiency to accurately follow, understand, and act upon market movement with confidence.
Our features and values are packaged in a beautifully designed platform curating everything crypto into a single space. We are a community that is dreamed, designed, and imagined for the future of financial freedom.

Who You Are

Your voice is a responsibility that is imperative to set the tone for Provisn across all mediums. As such, we are looking for someone who is deeply and enthusiastically passionate about blockchain and crypto. We are looking for you to be self-driven and to always be learning about advancements in blockchain projects and cryptocurrency. You are well informed, quick, and whitty stimulating intelligent conversation. You are excited about the world of crypto and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Ideally you check the markets when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep in the evening. Your voice will be illustrated as a key member of our team so it’s important your passion fits analogously with ours.

Roles + Responsibilities:

Managing our Social Channels:
- Telegram
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Medium
- Steamit
- Reddit

Create engaging content and converse with the crypto community. Update the Provisn platform daily.
Work with our CMO and marketing team to strategize and optimize congruent efforts across all channels.
Answer questions in real time via our website chat bubble “hubspot”
Respond to emails and customer issues.
Coordinate and analyze social metrics against the ‘type’ of content, and optimize.
Weekly kickoff meeting with team, weekly recap meeting with team, and 5 min. Daily stand up.
Create KPI goals to hit, to continually improve.
Ensure all content across all socials is optimized utilizing best practices.

Tools/Skills required:

Fluent in English
Very high understanding of crypto, desire to continually learn.
Immaculate and engaging writing skills.
Strong understanding of social media best practices across all platforms.
Ability to learn from past metrics

Work Flow

You will have your own dual monitor and desk in your office at Herengracht 282.
You will work and have access to the entire team, however will mostly be working with the chief marketing officer, and designer for the content you wish to visually display.

We believe in a very collaborative relationship within the company, so titles are irrelevant, and we’re all here together to make the best product we possibly can.

You are organized, schedule out posts at key times, and plan ahead.
You share your ideas with the immediate team to help optimize your work.
You have specifications per each channel / platform to best optimize the content to visually fit and work with the medium.
You update our internal content calendar with your rollout strategy to work collaboratively with the rest of the team.
Develop out the roadmap for social facing assets


Beautiful office & garden on the canals (Herengracht 282), with full facilities.
Casual office hours, although there will be work outside of the office as crypto is 24/7.
Payment on the 15th and 30th of each month in either Euro or BTC (your choice).
A relaxed creative atmosphere where there are no limits.
Full access to the most complete cryptocurrency info-platform to date.
You’ll be interfacing and working with some of the brightest minds in the crypto space in the world.
You’ll have an incredible opportunity to use this knowledge to grow your own financial gain.
You will get to travel, attend the world's top blockchain conferences, and be ingrained within the community.
Provisn will compensate you for all within reason, or not out of the ordinary ‘out of pocket’ expenses you may incur.


Full Time (45hrs in office), 2500 USD a month, paid out as 1275 on the 15th and 1275 on the 30th of each month.

3 month trial period, however Provisn reserves the right to cancel it within 15 days notice if goals are not hit, or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

Upon the completion of this 3 month contract, we will re-negotiate your terms for a raise.


If you are in-fact someone who grows with this company and is ingrained within our DNA, there will be a raise after 6 months, and equity options after 12. That equity acts as dividends which are paid out to owners every quarter based on overall company performance.

Each individual you get to sign up (using your unique code), you will receive 50% of their subscription fees.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Social media, Hubspot



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