Executive Marketing Manager at Onessus

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About the Job

We are Onessus, a successful crypto game studio, currently about 50 employees. We've recently acquired a pretty sizeable investment and a lot of investor interest as well, with that we are looking to expand our marketing department to the next evolution to accommodate this.

We are most well known for our blockchain game HodlGod, that has a reputation for being a leader in gameplay in the space. However, we have a new title releasing this year, NiftyVille that has been gaining a lot of buzz as well. Some very exciting things we have been building all of which can be viewed on our website here https://Onessus.com

We are looking for a marketing manager that is very knowledgeable in optimizations of CPMs, building high converting marketing campaigns, advising on attention-ROI positive business relationships, optimizing retention with customers we acquire, and understands how to convert customers with great sales copy. We want someone that not only takes initiative, but someone that we can also confidently trust in their initiative to perform what is in the best interest of our team.

Not looking for anybody specifically with experience in the crypto or gaming sector but that would be a bonus.

The position will start at $25/HR for a trial period, then increasing to $30/HR and beyond. The hourly rate will continue to increase based on your performance and how much brand growth we can create together. Our success directly correlates to your success!


Marketing, Social Media Management


4800 USD/mo

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