Experienced Social Media Professional in the Crypto Space at Crypto Media Productions

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About the Job

Experienced Social Media Professional:

What We Are Looking For:
Director of Social Media and Marketing for a Crypto YouTube Channel

We are recruiting a social media guru who lives and breathes all things social media/marketing in the crypto and Bitcoin space. This person would be joining one of the most successful Crypto YouTube crypto channels with over 100,000 subscribers. We are looking for top talent in terms of ability to identify, study the news of the day or week and have content prepared for a variety of social media outlets. This person will be responsible for ensuring that the YouTube channel is being promoted to the masses.

You will also be responsible for helping to hire our script writers on an as-needed basis.

Must Haves:

Only top talent will be considered. We are looking for 5 years minimum of social media/marketing experience with deep knowledge of the Cryptocurrency and the advertising markets.

Ability to talk Blockchain, Defi, NFTs is a must.

This is a detail-oriented job with very tight deadlines to produce current content. This means the candidate should be excellent at research and is “in tune” and “following” the crypto markets deeply and regularly and have content prepared in a pipeline at all times.

You will be the communications conduit to the founder and star and will also be responsible for managing up to 6 to 10 content writers, other social media managers and video editors. It will be your job to deliver 1 script per day to the channel founder.

Pay and Rewards:

Hourly rate: $50-$125

Position: Outside contractor

The hours vary from 10 to 20 per week.

Hours and rates can increase to an eventual full time position once we see that the content is driving traffic to the site.

Next Steps:

If you think you are amazing at the task described and want a shot at a permanent position for this team as well as significant performance bonuses, please apply.

Please provide multiple samples of work.

Once your application is reviewed, we will contact you for a video interview.

Also as part of the application for this job, provide the following:

7 Different article titles in crypto as “Eye catching” titles for a YouTube video related to crypto

Explain the direction of where you would have your writers develop material.

This is the best job in the Crypto Space now and the career and financial opportunities are gigantic. We will spare no expense to find the top comedy crypto video script writer. You will work with social media team members, technical writers and video producers to add comedy to the presentation as well as other team members.

Articles are credited in the body of the video upload and not in the video itself.

Thank you for applying and we look forward to our video interview.


Social media, cryptocurrency knowledge, Instagram, Marketing, Facebook, YouTube



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