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About the Job

Bitcoin Enhanced is creating a Foundation to manage its assets and invest in humanitarian projects. It is looking for a Founder to establish the Foundation and take it through its first two years. Council Members of the Foundation will be elected by members of the Bitcoin Enhanced decentralised community.

Bitcoin Enhanced is an ERC 20 token for people who believe in Bitcoin and who want to use Bitcoin’s volatility to improve returns. It’s community was established in May to take the token to its launch in November of this year.

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Enhanced believes the most robust structure for a crypto currency is to operate as a decentralised community. The purpose of the Foundation is to enable the community to achieve its goals.

The Bitcoin Enhanced Foundation will be established in the Cook Islands, a tax haven with strong privacy laws that will keep the Bitcoin Enhanced project at arm’s length from regulation. Establishment costs are between $2,000 and $2,500 and will be met by the Founder.

Your Profile
You are a successful and respected member of the crypto community. Financially independent you are looking for the next project where you can apply your creative talent to enable a better world.

You have the ability to inspire confidence in those you work with and the crypto-investor community in general. You thrive on responsibility and leadership and are likely to have established social media channels where you spread your message.

You are respected by your peers and provide three first class references with your application.

Your Role
You are the public face of the Foundation and clearly articulate the Bitcoin Enhanced vision of providing better investment returns for people who believe in Bitcoin.

Internally your role includes:

Establishing and managing the Bitcoin Enhanced Foundation bank accounts.

Authorising the issuing of Options, Tokens and other Bitcoin Enhanced activities.

Licensing the forecasting IP.

The Founder can choose one of two pay structures:

1. 2 BE tokens a month. (Currently around USD 10,000 each.)

2. 1 BE token a month + the first US$10,000 earned through the Pre-Launch Options Program taking place in September/October this year.

The Bitcoin Enhanced token component of your salary will be paid to you once 100,000 tokens have been sold. Before then a monthly statement is provided of your earnings and time stamped on the Ethereum blockchain. This is in keeping with the remuneration of the other members of the Bitcoin Enhanced community.


Asset Management, Accounting, Marketing


5000 - 10000 USD month paid in Bitcoin Enhanced Tokens

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