Full-stack developer at innovative startup at Byont Labs

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About the Company

At Byont Labs, we are dedicated to driving a new global paradigm by creating innovative and secure web3 applications. Our services include consultancy, engineering, and security to support our partners in developing and growing their web3 products and services. Our team is constantly exploring new developments and dedicating time to researching and experimenting with the innovations in web3. As a result, we have extensive experience with Zero Knowledge Proofs and different code verification techniques and enjoy sharing our knowledge through writing about our findings. We are highly invested in building a hard-working and collaborative team and having fun along the way. We believe in fostering a culture of teamwork, including (remote) Friday drinks, team lunches, and attending blockchain meetups and conferences together.

About the Job

We are seeking a talented full-stack developer who is passionate about technology and innovation to help our partners build and secure innovative web3 solutions. As a team member, you will work closely with our partners to design, develop, and deploy web3 applications.

- Become a blockchain expert, keep up with the latest industry developments, and share your knowledge and insights with the world.
- Architect, develop and test web3 frontend and backend systems that integrate with EVM and Rust-based smart contracts.
- Collaborate with other team members to identify and solve complex problems
- Contribute to the development of new (open-source) features, tools, and libraries

Desired Qualifications:
- Strong skills in frontend and backend development with TypeScript, specifically in Next.js and Nest.js.
- Proven professional experience in working on complex systems.
- Strong commitment to delivering high-quality software on time and on budget.
- Strong attention to detail with the ability to catch bugs and errors in the code.
- Excellent communication skills with team members, stakeholders, and customers.
- Willingness to learn and adapt in a rapidly developing and changing market.
- A strong interest in web3 technology
- Passion for technology and innovation. The ability to be excited about the potential for technology to change the world.

What we give you:
- An opportunity to work in a startup environment and be part of a team that is working on cutting-edge technology that has the potential to disrupt markets.
- A flexible and informal working environment that promotes creativity and innovation.
- A challenging and meaningful job with the opportunity to share your exciting work with friends and family.
- 20% of your time is reserved for research and development to help you stay current in the industry.
- A unique role with a competitive salary and success-related bonuses.
- Excellent career development opportunities in a fast-paced and rapidly growing company.
- Flexible working hours to help balance work and personal life.


Typescript, Next.js, Nest.js


€3250 - €4750

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