Full stack developer and Project Leader at ION

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About the Job

Who We Are

We're a small startup that just raised a seed to begin with the development of a Beta product. More information will be given during the interview.

We're looking for a developer with experience on blockchain, ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 contracts and NFTs available for a full-time job starting from mid May 2021.

Your Responsibilities (Project Leader and Developer)

- Create a tool to mint tokens on IPFS (images or video);
- Create a visualization tool to display NFTs;
- Create a user management and profiles for users of the platform with Wallet connection;
- Create a basic marketplace for NFTs with Metadata and connection with Opensea;
We appreciate candidates with Github and Twitter profiles.


- MVP;


solidity, aws, openzeppelin, react, typescript, node.js, ipfs, metamask, web3, smart contracts


8000 - 12000 USD / Month

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