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Posted 408 days ago

RigelProtocol is looking to be the next big thing in the Defi Space. We are looking to build a number of decentralized products in the DeFi ecosystem. We are looking for individual who are passionate about changing the world in the little time possible.
Join us in building this protocol and write your name on the sands of time.


1. Build a User loved Product
2. Interpret UI/UX designs effectively
3. Building Apis and managing them
4. Building Smart Contracts and cryptocurrency trading system
5. Managing our Developer Team
6. Deploying Dapps and Apps
7. Performing research to enhance our product on a regular basis.
8. Building CryptoWallets
9. Determining our Tech archtecture

**Benefits And Rewards:**

1. You will be changing the world.
**2. You will own a proportion of our Defi token which will worth a lot.**
3. Remote
4. Time Flexibility
**5. Opportunity to Grow.**
6. You can tell us what you want to enable us serve you better.


Experienced in building cryptocurrency trading systems ( 1 year plus)
Experienced in decentralized Appilications ( 1 year plus)
Experienced in smart contracts, solidity and blockchain ( 3 years plus)
Experienced in Nodejs, Typescript, Reactjs
**Experienced in nodejs(api creation) backend(2 years plus)
Experienced in Firebase and Google cloud or equivalent(1 years plus)**
Experienced in Design patterns
Experienced in Web APPS
**Experienced in Payment Integration(1 years plus)**
**Experienced in Data Management(2 years plus)**
Experienced in Error Reporting and testing (1 years plus)


Extremely passionate about technology, literally live and breathe
Solidity, Team Management, Cloudfirestore, Reactjs
Api creation(using node.js)
Database management
Error reporting
Design patterns
Product Delivery


web3js, javascript, nodejs, reactjs, solidity


5% - 10% Token equity

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