Full Stack or Backend Developer at Bitouro.com

Full Stack or Backend Developer


Posted 286 days ago

We are a cryptocurrency start-up and we’re looking for expert Full Stack or Backend Developer to develop a cryptocurrency exchange that would complement our digital coin. We are in the early stage of start-up process so we’re looking for software engineers, programmers, and developers who have the potential to become our partners. As a Full Stack Backend Developer, you will be responsible for laying out the groundwork for a secure, interactive, and efficient cryptocurrency exchange that will process trading for major cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Bitcoincash, etc. and our very own digital currency.


Must have at least 3 years of experience as a backend developer in finance or investment trading industry
Experience with integrating and consolidating data from various third-party APIs and other sources for live cryptocurrency pricing
Strong background in security-oriented system design with focus on applied cryptography
Must be able to identify and defend against plausible protocol-level and network-level attacks on the system
Understanding of cryptography, including SHA 256, asymmetric (public/private key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption signatures (ECDH, ECDSA, PGP and AES)
Experience with design and development of two-factor authentication for users
Expertise on utilization and deployment of effective tech stack for mobile application
Familiarity with a wide variety of software development categories (e.g. backend, frontend, mobile, operations, security) and technologies
Must have passion for cryptocurrency market, algorithmic trading, and technical or quantitative analysis
Must have strong work ethic, self-driven, and motivation to complete a project.

If chosen, you will be entitled to equivalent of 10% ownership in the business and will receive initial compensation equivalent to 5% of total proceeds from initial coin offering after a successful ICO. You will also be entitled to 10% of total monthly revenue from the exchange trading platform after it is launched.

If interested, please submit your CV to [email protected]


Server network and hosting environment


If chosen, you will be entitled to equivalent of 10% ownership in the business and will receive initial compensation equivalent to 5% of total ICO. + Equity

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