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Fullstack blockchain developer

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Posted 56 days ago

Skills Required:
Expert Solidity knowledge
Web3 libraries (ethers.js or web3.js)
Truffle or Waffle testing environment
Strong sense of security. Knowledge of common vulnerabilities in smart contracts and blockchain development in general.
Expert React.js (hooks, redux)
Familiarity with RESTful APIs
Familiarity with code versioning tools (git)
Knowledge of cloud ecosystems like AWS, Google cloud, Azure, …

Experience Required:
Experience in DeFI
Minimum 2 years Solidity experience
Minimum 3 years Development experience as Fullstack
Development of applications using cloud based platforms/micro-services
Development of blockchain applications or proof-of-concepts (POCs) using Ethereum Solidity or other proprietary language and APIs.
knowledge of distributed systems architectures operations (2 years of working experience)
Good Github profile

Ownership and Responsibility
Collaborative working
Analytical thinking
Attention to detail
Identifying patterns and trends
Passion for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
Perfect English.
Proactive, positive and independent personality.
Ability to take ownership of projects

Develop and maintain Eidoo, Steroids.finance, DAO’s smart contracts and corresponding backend
Develop and test smart contracts related to lending, borrowing, trading, bridging, governance
Build blockchain PoC projects
Review contracts of team members for logic flaws or security issues
Integrate Eidoo and network with various 3rd party blockchains
Research and concept work for new features or improvements to the system
Development of backend services connected to the smart contracts
Take part in weekly meetings and code reviews
What we offer
A creative, versatile job role with lots of independence and responsibility.
Working from home.
Enthusiastic and motivated colleagues from around the world.
Competitive salary and possibility to participate to the business
Full-time contract (100%)


Solidity, Web3 libraries (ethers.js or web3.js), Truffle or Waffle, React, Redux, Node, AWS


3k-6k + Equity

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