GameFi Product Manager at Formless

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About the Job

Job Description:
Responsible for the planning and iteration of blockchain GameFi distribution platform products;

Responsible for selecting and designing blockchain products for applicable industry scenarios, and driving the implementation of applications and solutions;

Responsible for sorting out product requirements, clarifying product features, writing product documentation, designing product prototypes, and following up on product interaction design/development on line;

In-depth knowledge of DAPP and GameFi related products is preferred;

The company will reward token incentives based on ability and contribution.

Tenure Requirements:

Computer and finance related graduates are preferred, with at least two years of experience in the blockchain industry;

Being responsible for at least one complete blockchain project;

Familiarity with the framework and technical features of mainstream blockchain products such as Ethereum and Bitcoin;

In-depth research and understanding of blockchain smart contracts, and transaction processes;

Preferred to have been responsible for BTC and ETH wallets and other related products;

Strong logical ability, strong sense of responsibility, strong drive, excellent presentation and communication skills, and team player;

Bilingual in Chinese and English is a plus.


Python, Axure RP



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