Graphic Designer (Deck initially) at (confidential)

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About the Job

Please note, applicants must KYC beforehand and sign a NDA prior discussion.

"Project" is aimed to remove the illusion currently where our community believes that GameFi in blockchain is avant-garde, whereas actually the truth is the technology behind it, namely blockchain, is so ahead of its time that it disguises how outdated the GameFi space currently is.

We are looking for a(n) individual(s) with a skill-set or character that is listed underneath in order of priority

1. Active
2. Fast (rapid even) - on completing task below + response time to messages
3. Reliable
4. Intuitive
5. A gamer him/herself (Mininum of 2000 hours+ game play time)
6. Both fluent in English and have understanding of requests

Initial tasks:
- Implement graphic designs fitting to "Project" into an existing deck
- Contribute to factors surrounding basis of the "Project"
Individual will be paid half before, and the remaining half after (A contract can be drawn up if required by selected individual)

Dependent on performance exhibited, individual will be assigned further tasks leading up to ultimately a salary


- Familiar with both traditional and GameFi blockchain pitch decks
- Expert with all Adobe Creative Suite products / Figma
- Do not breach the NDA
- Create backgrounds
- Work on PDP designs

Please send us the following beforehand:
Your whole portfolio
Most recent project
A short bio


Graphic design (pitch decks primarily)


2000+ for task, although after we may hire