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Posted 44 days ago

We are mortyNFT, a tokenized marketplace that allows users privacy-first data yield-farming. Users sync their existing account data (e.g. Spotify, Netflix) to a privacy-preserving paratime. At this point, users have taken the very step to regain data autonomy: They control data access and monetization. As we build on a highly sophisticated infrastructure, user data is always 100% secure and private. For businesses, mortyNFT creates a social graph of unprecedented detail. For the first time, Morty extends the recently emerged concept of Non-Fungible Tokens to data of economical value.

mortyNFT has recently received a low six-figure funding to kickstart the development. We are currently on track to launch the beta version of our web application by mid-December and are planning the ICO of our native MORTY token in Q1 of 2022.

To grow the number of early adopters, we are looking for Growth Promoters with a great network, both in the cryptosphere and in non-tech savvy environments. Spread the word about mortyNFT, ensure that the users you have referred sign up to the beta version of our web app and we will reward you with MORTY tokens.


Twitter, Discord, Facebook Advertising, Performance Marketing, Typeform


MORTY Tokens per signup, performance-based multipliers

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