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About the Job

Head of Content

Market is looking for a full time Head of Content to help us build the words knowledge about DeFi, Isolated Markets and Leveraging your Assets.
This is a great opportunity to help build a world changing product. The role will work closely with the founding members in a fast paced environment and with high autonomy. It is the opportunity of building and shaping Market’s voice in the blockchain space.


- Create public-facing engaging written content and documentation to enhance user experience.
- Own multiple tasks and self manage priorities while maintaining a high level of accuracy.
- Explain complex ideas, strategies and themes in an understandable and clear fashion, as well as produce content that includes but is not limited to documentation, blogs, long reads, social media posts and more.
- Utilize industry’s best practices and familiarity with the organization's mission to inspire ideas and content.
- Work with the team to obtain an in-depth understanding of the product and customer to enable you to write content that engages, informs, and converts.
- Lead social media and online market outreach to develop and grow engaged communities and conversations to build support and awareness of our brand.


- Strong familiarity with DeFi technologies of today, passionate about crypto and decentralization, and are eager to up-skill and hone knowledge in the crypto space
- Strong research skills with the ability to write original content.
- Experience collaborating with community, partners, customers and team to deliver narrative-driven short and long-form content on social media, blogs and media platforms.
- Ability to thrive in an ambiguous environment with little oversight and work with multiple stakeholders to deliver results within tight deadlines.
- English language fluency with strong writing and grammar skills.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- Proven experience working under pressure to deliver high quality output in a short span of time.


- Enjoy a highly fulfilling, mission-driven culture
- Own and manage a position of great impact and autonomy
- An opportunity to be part of building the future of DeFi and bringing open and fair financial services to users all over the world
- Remote working with an international team spread throughout the globe
- Flexible work hours
- Competitive compensation package

About Market:
Market is a DeFi protocol that creates an infrastructure for lending and borrowing of every digital asset possible. Our mission is to empower the community to discover and organize efficient market interactions by building a decentralized, ungated finance infrastructure. We achieve this by allowing the community to create isolated pools or markets of assets of their own choice. Isolated pools are not affected by the risk of other pools. This allows pool creators to create new pools without creating additional risk for users in other pools & allows token holders to choose between these competing pools with different interest rates, collateral factors, and other terms. Market enables the participation in pools where you can maximize yield or returns according to their risk profile. The pool creators can customize pool settings such as lending curves, collateral ratios, and oracles used for each asset within the pool. This also enables crypto communities that are early in the journey or have a token with a small market cap to turn their tokens into a recognized collateral class and borrow against their holdings. Participants can borrow and lend certain assets on Market that they normally won't be able to access on other platforms like Compound or Aave. You can also see detailed statistics of everything related to a particular pool. At Market we want to make decentralised financial tools more accessible for everyone.





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