Head of Developer Relations at Rarible DAO

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About the Job

Rarible DAO is a decentralized organization governed by $RARI tokenholders. The organization is focused on growing the ecosystem of projects and creators in the broader Rarible Ecosystem, which includes rarible.com (NFT marketplace with $40 million trading volume in April 2021) and many other projects building on Rarible Protocol. There is no legal entity for the DAO, and all members are paid in crypto as freelancers.

You can find information on the protocol at rarible.org. Our community and group of workers operate openly in our Discord server, which anyone can join.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs for short) are the next generation crypto-native entities that in many ways are considered the future of work and governance. Please only apply to this job if you are eager and brave enough to live and breath the future of work!

Join our decentralized, motivated and fully remote team building the NFT ecosystem of the future.

*Head of Developer Relations*
This role is focused on ensuring our protocol is positioned and marketed properly to our web3 developer target audience, as well as ensuring all teams and builders have the support and documentation needed to succeed. The Head of Developer Relations will be expected to own and manage a team, and be responsible for the results of the group.

πŸ“ Develop and execute the strategy to increase the number of developers who regularly interact with and build on Rarible Protocol
πŸ“ Work with marketing teams to develop content marketing, from blog posts, web copy, email marketing and newsletters
πŸ“ Manage the developer journey from website to documentation to tools
πŸ“ Create inspiring product demos, tutorials, and other videos to use for events and web marketing
πŸ“ Lead the execution of Rarible protocol hackathons and manage participation in third party hackathons
πŸ“ Manage and grow developer communication channels such as Discord, Telegram, Discourse, Stackoverflow, etc.
πŸ“ Moderate discussions on the Rarible Protocol developer forums, ensuring that topics are on point and that questions are responded to well and in a timely fashion (either personally or through the community participants)
πŸ“ Capture, analyze, and share relevant developer insights with the product and engineering teams
πŸ“ Work with our developer team to ensure the right use cases and examples are created for our documentation
πŸ“ Collaborate with product teams to launch new services, features, and enhancements effectively through the developer community
πŸ“ Look to grow and discover new ways to better serve the Rarible protocol technical community
πŸ“ Handle technical question and act as liaison with the Rarible protocol teams

πŸ“ Great communication skills
πŸ“ Technical writings: Protocol docs, Guides
πŸ“ Developers support
πŸ“ Representing Rarible at community events and hackathons
πŸ“ Solidity development experience is a big advantage

What Rarible DAO offers
πŸ“ Working for a rapidly expanding global distributed network / protocol
πŸ“ Complete immersion into DAOs and the future of work
πŸ“ Extreme flexibility (hours, location, etc)
πŸ“ Great compensation packages and vacation


Community, PMing, Hiring, Coding


flexible + Equity

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