Head of DevOps & Security at Nebula Network

Head of DevOps & Security

Nebula Network
Remote Warsaw
Posted 9 days ago

We're building the core team for Nebula Network - we need extraordinary and friendly people that others will want to join.

We are working within the fields of cryptocurrencies and cloudcomputing - a big plus is experience within those industries. For the best people - stock options are an option.

You can work from anywhere on earth - except for events and meetings which mostly Business Developers need to attend.

A good candidate should be able to commit full time after some time. We do intend to change the world and that requires commitment.

A higher education from renowned universities, and delivered recognizable projects are a plus.

For this position we expect:

- A thorough understanding of security issues on all levels

- At least 5 years of DevOp experience in different environments

- Experience with pen testing

- Excellent understanding of various levels software architecture

- A master of version control & continuous integration

- Understands good policies in access control policing

-A white hat with excellent work & general ethic

- Experience with handling money, especially cryptocurrencies is a plus


pen testing, software architecture, version control, continuous integration


7000 - 21000 PLN + Equity

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