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About the Job

**About Alaeris**

Alaeris has developed a blockchain model to incentivize and reward real world change. This is done via transparent algorithmic incentives and community building/participation technology to affect real world progress...with the goal of terraforming this planet.

Our model is understandable, simple, elegant and practical and combines different elements of proven technologies. It's built by humans for humans, and creates financial rewards based on impact.
Our organization, from its core, operates as our model's values and instructions mandate for participants.

We are not a charity, but will affect more positive change on this planet than any charity before us. We are not a for profit corp either, but must operate as one to encourage participation, incentivize and reward, and will create a 1 Trillion dollar economy.

We are not being hyperbolic in our statement that we are something completely new, an organization of the future, powered by blockchain technology, that will literally change the face of this planet and the air that we breathe. We will plant 1 Trillion trees and unlock a new era of human cooperation and progress.

**About the role**

* Report into the Director of Marketing/Branding, with a founding team member leadership role
* Assist in the planning and execution of community growth, while being a champion of our messaging, culture and vision.
* Develop, maintain and execute creative marketing campaigns for consumer facing NFTs, cryptocurrency and more
* Establish a go-to-market strategy for feature launches, major NFT listings, and new market entry
* Explore new community-friendly platforms to facilitate the expansion of the user base and awareness
* Lead research and implementation of ads and sponsorships across social networks, search, podcasts, newsletters, discord and other channels
* Keep up to date with the trending topics in crypto and the NFT space. Manage content calendar and produce articles, visuals with the help of contractors.
* Be the brandโ€™s voice for communications on social media.
* Manage influencer marketing on Twitter, youtube, instagram and tiktok.
* Build and improve landing page experiences, and test new channels, constantly seeking channel-market fit
* Own performance of KPIs across media channels and key customer segments
* Manage media budget and reliably forecast spend and lead volume
* Create dashboards and reporting mechanisms to track progress on key initiatives and vigilantly monitor and report on campaign performance
* Communicate learnings, best practices, and results to internal stakeholders/executives
* Collaborate with marketing team and designers/copywriters to develop and optimize ad creative and content to fuel lead generation
* Generate and nurture marketing-contributed sales by converting site traffic through demand generation, outbound, and optimization of the customer journey.
* Develop an actionable multi-touch attribution model to help guide marketing spend by channel and activity.
* Innovate and develop new channels or programs to drive growth in customers including Search Engine * * Optimization, field marketing, video/podcast/social, and referral marketing.
* Optimize acquisition funnel and lead nurturing processes through paid social, paid search, influencers, content and sponsorships.
* Develop and help create/foster our brand positioning, voice, and values (website, newsletter, blog, social, forum, etc.)
* Stay on top of technology trends and announcements across the NFT and Web3 ecosystem.


* 5+ years of previous experience in direct-to-consumer marketing.
* Preference for 2+ years experience managing and growing a community (preferably in a Fintech/Crypto company)
* A deep understanding of blockchain, and specifically Ethereum and DeFi is not required but an asset.
* A deep understanding of crypto/NFT consumers and online communities and what motivates them.
* Experience with community growth, and growth hacking small startups with big dreams.
* Ability to plan and execute multiple projects at once
* Deep analytical, prioritization, and problem-solving skills
* Strong performance in building go-to-market strategies and understanding how to push product in the current market trend
* Concise speaker, storyteller, and writer: you can slice, dice, and distill a narrative from a complex data set into an executive, TL;DR summary
* Experience with email, web, discord, mobile/push, and content marketing with a history of focus on the right message for the right customer on the right channel (at the right time!)
* Interest in joining an already budding community of futurists and dreamers, and becoming a founding member of a 15 person team of multitalented individuals.

**How to apply**

Hit us up.

**Compensation: **

As a founding team member, you will be receiving shares in Alaeris (all founding team members are receiving equal shares, CEO included!) We will also be making a sizable crypto wallet available to all founding team members upon launch of our coin. We are beginning our seed round March 1 2022, and once funded, we will be hiring all founding team members full time with San Francisco equivalent salaries for leadership roles in their respective areas of expertise.


Social media, Marketing KPI, Community Growth


$200,000 post seed, equity, coin equity + Equity

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