Head of Public Relationship Department at Mundo Crypto

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About the Job

The public relations leader is the person responsible for all communications, public relations, and public affairs in the organization. One of his/her main tasks is setting the right image for the company´s brand among its audience, build bridges of understanding, awareness and goodwill between a company and the public that it wishes to influence. The PRO with the help of this team is responsible for conduction and managing all PR Events and Media Relations for the organization. The organization will use the power of PR to grow, guide and manage the perception of their brands and entities.
PR PRO will contribute to the prestige of the company, which can into turn boost marketing and advertising efforts to create synergy and momentum in the market.

An effective public relations professional will analyse the company’s newsworthiness, find interesting and timely themes, and turn them into compelling stories. If the company’s image is threatened by a crisis or other negative circumstance, PR professionals can also formulate a helpful strategy—and mitigate the damage.

• 3-5 years of experience of Proven experience as a Public Relations Officer or similar PR role.
• Experience managing media relations (online, broadcast and print)
• Excellent organization skills.
• Strong oral and written communication skills.


Negotiation, Organization, Strategy and Good Presence