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Human Resource Manager

Posted 202 days ago

Company Overview is a platform that provides a fair opportunity for everyone holding cryptocurrencies to contribute to network security and earn rewards for doing so. We provide secure infrastructure to power this platform to ensure users are able to receive rewards in a timely matter.

Our founder is Chun Wang, co-founder of F2Pool, one of the biggest Bitcoin and Ethereum mining pools. Having been in the mining space for a long time, Chun has seen the important role that mining pools has played. He envisions to play a similar role for Proof of Stake blockchains. Join us in building out and defining the staking economy.

We're looking for a human resources manager to help us take care of our team. Someone who's happy to go above and beyond to add value by improving our internal processes, coordinating our staffing efforts, and making sure we're growing the right way.

● Expanding team with talented individuals
● Managing the recruiting process
● Working with outside headhunters on getting talented candidates in the recruiting
● Staying up to date with and constantly learning about various countries human
resources related laws
● Analyzing wage, salary reports, and data to determine competitive compensation plans
● Consulting legal counsel to ensure that policies comply with South Korean and
international laws
● Creating and improving team member benefits programs
● Talking with executive team about resolving employee issues
● Addressing team members concerns and answering team members’ questions
● Preparing employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, etc. for team members
● Improving our internal processes (e.g. onboarding, feedback, etc.)


● Enthusiastic and open-minded personality
● Knowledge of and experience with various countries labor and compensation laws
● General knowledge of various employment practices
● Experience working with an employment law attorney
● Good command of the English language — it’s the common denominator in our office
and is necessary for communication
● Excited to work at a multicultural company
● Prior human resources experience in South Korea preferred


● Knowledge of and experience with various countries labor and compensation laws



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