Junior Account Manager at BlockGroup

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About the Job

BlockGroup is looking to grow its team by adding an experienced Junior account manager.
A Junior account manager is typically responsible for managing a portfolio of our clients and helping promote them to their target audiences. As a key part of the team, it is your job to LISTEN to what the client is saying, take that message back to the team, and work together to create a plan that delivers results. You will be the key to shaping your clients experience with BlockGroup and making sure they are happy.

The day-to-day

Managing a portfolio of clients’ PR accounts
Providing strategic counsel to clients to aid their PR and wider marketing campaigns
Building relationships with existing and new clients
Building relationships with key media contacts
Liaising with clients regarding press campaigns, creative projects and PR solutions
Dealing with the media, speaking to journalists and other members of the press
Providing innovative and creative ideas to clients
Briefing clients and updating them on press campaigns
Analysing PR coverage and providing written reports
Communicating effectively with a range of stakeholders

Key responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary according to the client’s needs

Daily point of contact with key media contacts
Developing current and up to day ideas for PR strategy
Managing the needs of the client and their accounts
Contributing to weekly meetings, and liaising and updating clients on PR activities
Keeping abreast of current PR trends and tools
Building client relationships and maintaining a network of media contacts including journalists and industry spokespeople
Spearheading both traditional PR and social media projects
Developing news angles, stories and pitches to further the client’s profile, products and services.
Fulfilling the client’s key performance indicators and growing accounts
Being involved in pitching for new business and developing PR proposals
Managing a high level of client interaction


High levels of communication - both presentation, verbal and written skills Impressive emotional intelligence and interpersonal expertise A passion for the media, including social media Flai



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