BE (Laravel) & FE (Vue) Devs at CSGOEmpire (Moonrail Limited)

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About the Company

Empire was born out of a necessity for a fair, safe, clean gambling vehicle for the CSGO space. We're an online casino with a focus on provable fairness, product value for consumers, and regulatory compliance Our culture of excellence goes hand in hand with a culture of brutal transparency and a culture of ownership. Being on board and being a part of the mission makes you a part-owner of Empire, and you should think on those terms. Our culture of honor and excellence is correlated with these values: 🎲 Humility, politeness, and kindness in daily interactions 🎲 Deep curiosity about new directions, never shying from adventure 🎲 Proactively seeking feedback and giving other constructive feedback 🎲 Creativity and out of the box thinking, going where no one else has gone 🎲 Self-awareness about one’s own capability and utility 🎲 Not offended by jokes, constructive criticism, or structural changes in our team 🎲 Extremely skilled and/or experienced in their role, and always looking to learn more 🎲 Fostering ownership culture, being responsible, and being outcome-oriented

About the Job

✨ Please submit your application through our careers page for consideration 👉 ✨

CSGOEmpire is looking for hungry, back-end AND front-end developers that can think out of the box - developers that never back down from a challenge.

We’re looking for the shadowy anonymous types that:

- Are enthusiastic about coding, problem-solving, and continuous improvement;
- Try to almost obsessively optimize and hack everything they come across;
- Are fully at home in the gaming and online gambling space.

We’re not the place for vanilla corporate types that only care about clocking in and out. We want people that are truly special and truly driven to grow.

Right now, we’re looking for fully remote developers to help fulfil our ambitious plans of building multiple, massive projects at once.

Candidates with a minimum of 3 years xp with the following are welcome:

BE Tech
- PHP 8+ (Laravel Framework 10+), MySQL, Redis Cache
- Microservices
- PHPUnit
- Node.js (big plus)

FE Tech
- Vue.js, HTML, and Tailwind CSS (this is a must!)
- Jest
- Big plus: Microservices, Websockets, Node.js

Tools and services
- Docker
- Jira
- Git (Gitlab)

Here are some of the areas you’ll be contributing to:
- Collaborating closely with the senior developers and front-end developers to integrate seamless features
- Crushing bugs in a timely manner
- Assisting in optimizing performance and scalability to handle a growing number of users and transactions
- Implementing REST APIs using industry leading standards
- Making sure that each feature you implement has - Unit tests implemented to provide a bug-free release
- Over time, crafting your own path to becoming a senior engineer

We want to go big, and we need the right people on board — and you can be one of them.

Joining us is a commitment - a commitment to a future where people can gamble safely, fairly, and openly, with an operator that always pays out wins and with games that can be verified to be provably fair.

Joining us means standing against those that look to cheat and steal from our customers and our community.

If you’re ready to commit, if you’re ready to take a stand, then a career with us might be your next big move.

To join us, these are the values you must embody:

Character: We seek individuals who bring a unique personality and a compelling story. Whether you've started your own casino project or found a critical exploit in a system, your distinctiveness is your strength.
Competence: We're a lean, tight-knit team full of top-tier talent. Excellence isn't a “nice to have”; it's a baseline requirement.
Creativity: If you can think outside the box and bring radical, abstract ideas to life, you're our kind of person.
Radical Transparency: We’re extremely open about our goals, methods, and ambitions. We expect you to bring this same honesty.
Ambition: We're planning for the long haul, so be ready to aim big and go far.
Autonomy and Responsibility: Our distributed remote structure demands that you're proactive and work independently, maintaining the highest levels of performance.
Open Communication: Whether you're a support agent or a C-level manager, your voice matters. We remove barriers to ensure clear, direct, and respectful communication.
Entrepreneurial Mindset: Approach each task as if you're the founder, fully accountable for your actions and their impact on our growth - regardless of your title.
We’re looking for people that have that dawg in them.

Your Upside
Joining us at CSGOEmpire means that you’re one of the best in your field. It means that you possess a special set of skills that no one else has. And these skills are indispensable in our ongoing fight for fairness and transparency in the casino industry.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

- Competitive compensation: We're offering $60k per year for these roles.
- A mission like no other: Make the industry a better place, make a lot of money, create compelling products, and fight evil.
- Fully remote: Work from anywhere, just sync with Central European time by 3-4 hours.
- Limited meetings: We keep meetings to a minimum and communicate almost entirely via Discord, Slack and Jira.
- No micromanagement: We hire the best so we trust them to deliver results.
- Flexible schedule: You set your schedule, just ensure consistent availability during the Monday-Friday, 9 to 5 Central European time window.
- Unlimited room for growth: Those that can surpass expectations can have a place on our team forever. And they’ll be greatly rewarded.
- Consultancy-based contract: We offer straightforward contracts focused purely on financial remuneration. No additional frills – just direct, competitive cash compensation.
- Professional development: We'll match 50% of your expenses on professional development courses, up to $1,000 annually.
- Laptop upgrade grant: After 3 years with us, receive up to $2,000 for a new laptop or PC, redeemable every 3 years.

How We Hire
We have a merit-based recruitment process because we want to hire the best people. So University degrees aren’t a requirement for any role, and we have no such thing as a diversity quota.

Your application will be considered holistically. For example, someone with a marketing degree applying for an influencer management role but no industry contacts would not be chosen over a high school dropout that has a deep network and a history of structuring great deals.

On the other hand, a degree could be a big plus for a research assistant application as it proves your ability to persevere and focus on high-level tasks. It’s all about context.

So if you think you’re the best, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from — introduce yourself.

After submitting an initial application, here’s the usual process for shortlisted candidates:

1. Let your skills shine through a technical assessment
2. Join us for an interview and Q+A with a Senior Dev from our team
3. Meet our CTO for a final 20 min chat

We try our best to respond to every application. But sometimes this isn't possible due to the large application volume. If you don't hear from us in 2-3 weeks, it means that we've most likely progressed with other candidates.

✨ Please submit your application through our careers page for consideration 👉 ✨


Vue, Laravel, Tailwind, MySQL



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