Lead Blockchain Engineer / Developer at MyCointainer

Lead Blockchain Engineer / Developer


Posted 145 days ago

MyCointainer is a well established 2 years old start-up that serves over 70K users globally. Due to the success of the v1 on the path now to scale further and enable more services that enable users to earn rewards from decentralized solutions.

* Main Duties *

1. You will be working alongside CEO, CTO, DevOp, Back-End & Front-End Developers to create and integrate various blockchain solutions into a production:
- defi protocols
- farming
- staking
- general transactions
- research
- web3 protcols
- dApps
- smart contracts
2. You will be leading and main decision maker when it comes to blockchain related topics.
3. You will suggest and create architectural executions with the team.

* Experience *

1. Past experience / delivery of blockchain solutions among various platforms. Surely you don't need to know all of them.
2. Working hands on with smart contracts, de-fi protcols, farming, liquidity mining... Again few of those. For specialized purposes of a given sub-sector you would need to know who to hire to execute such job.
3. You should be rather generalist who knows how to connect things than a specialist in a given narrow area o blockchain. There will be a lot of integrations involved with various protocols and chains.
4. Past experience working with one core language (e.g Python, Node.js), basic knolwedge of Rust or Solidity

* Qualities *

1. Hunger for success
2. Excellence in constant & rapid delivery
3. Clean & understandable code.
4. Great attitude
5. Self-motivated, self-managed
6. Good communication skills

* Why us? *

1. Great flexibility and lean team of 4-5 focused quality developers with huge amount of decision power in shaping products
2. Attractive, booming industry of crytpo. If you're willing to grasp or enter this industry you will be working alongside people that have great knowledge in it.
3. Working full remotely on your schedule. We care about the delivery not how many hours you spend in front of the computer.
4. Quality products, great technologies, many things to be build from scratch since we're moving into micro-service architecture.
5. For successful candidates that are willing to stay with us longer we will be also offering equity packages & other monetary incentives.


Nodejs, Python, Typescript, DeFi,


competetive + Equity

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