Lead Frontend Engineer at Dexible.io

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The Impact You’ll Make:
As a Frontend Software Engineer at Dexible, you will be enabling and supporting more streamlined experiences for users of the application, which plugs into the workings of blockchains, while gaining an in-depth understanding of protocol networks and their UX.
To be successful in this role, one must be able to work with very fast release cycles, often shipping multiple updates per week. One must also be able to take initiative to fill in the gaps of their knowledge and be in communication with the team. It's important for the engineer to understand the personas for whom they're building.

Your Responsibilities:
Write up quick, experimental UIs over short time frames without outside design input.
Drive the Dexible UX forward.
Work closely with designers, other engineers, and team members to scope and build delightful frontends and Dapps that allow users to interact with the Dexible smart contracts.
Design and prototype new features.
Contribute and ideate how to design the application's GUI.
Code reviews. We encourage frequent and open feedback.
Incorporate logging and observability to systems that allow us to debug, diagnose and fix problems.

Prior front-end engineering experience
Extend and build new UI features using React and TypeScript
Expertise in SCSS and HTML
Understanding of Material UI or similar component framework
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Being able to take initiative to ask questions, get the details, and fill in the gaps when necessary.
Ensure high code coverage of unit and integration tests
Integrate directly with contracts utilizing Ethers.js
Experience working with WebSockets and real-time data
Charting and data visualization
Experience with any of the following: Solidity, Typescript, Javascript, React, Material UI, Node, Truffle, Hardhat, Web 3.0

Our Mission:
We built Dexible to accelerate the transformation of our financial institutions by tackling the gap between centralized crypto finance and decentralized crypto finance. By focusing on the professional market, Dexible has become battle-tested in delivering extraordinary quality service that can be leveraged for the public’s benefit.
Today’s crypto hedge funds and professional retail traders face a number of challenges when it comes to trading and managing their portfolios. Dexible has set out to provide solutions to these problems.
As a company, we believe rational optimism drives innovation and we are committed to building a contrarian workplace and culture based on our pragmatic values. Empathy informs how we work together as a team, how we service our customers, and how we approach the products we build. We believe empathy extends beyond our company to how we interface with the world. It’s a value to uphold in all areas of life and is deeply connected to the future world we envision.


Solidity, Javascript, React, Web 3.0


10000 USD/Month + Equity

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