Lead Rust Developer at Openspot

992 days ago
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About the Job

Openspot is a B2C social marketplace with a focus on art and craft goods producers built on top of the blockchain protocol.

We have recently raised an initial round of funding and are currently looking for a lead Rust Developer to scale up our team and take charge of the development effort.

You will be working closely with the CTO, Chief Architect, and the founding team. The team is mostly based out of Berlin, we are open to both remote work options as well as relocation. We do have an option program for employees.

Requirements and responsibilities:
• You’ll be building the underlying protocol, on top of which the user-facing application is going to be implemented. You’ll be collaborating with the Chief Architect on the protocol design and implementation as well as the CTO
• Experience with Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem is strongly preferable, but not necessary
• Experience with building out dApps and standalone blockchains, understanding of the core blockchain primitives is desired
• Experience with modern front-end and back-end development tech stack and techniques is desirable
• Understanding the prevalent cybersecurity threats in the blockchain space and the ways to mitigate them is essential


Rust, Substrate, Understanding Polkadot


Offer will be discussed. + Equity