Lead Token Engineer at Boson Protocol

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About the Job


Boson Protocol is advancing the world of commerce by enabling enterprises, organisations, and customers to bridge the divide between digital decentralized technologies and the transfer and trade of physical goods.

Our vision is for Boson to become the basic plumbing for dCommerce, where the captured value is distributed equitably between stakeholders and protected from capture by a single centralized entity.

The project aims at implementing this vision primarily by tokenizing future commitments to transact, using stateful NFT vouchers, governed by a novel game-theory-based exchange mechanism.

The upcoming BSN token will be the utility and governance token of the protocol. It is at the core of the protocol, coordinating a variety of participants in the ecosystem. At a minimum it will have the following roles: Streamlining the core exchange mechanism, incentivizing demand and supply acquisition, coordinating data sharing, powering NFT voucher curation and incentivising relayers.

Boson Protocol is still in its early phase and as such we are in need of talented people who can see our vision and join us on this journey. There is an unparalleled opportunity to jump-start dCommerce and we are building a great team to seize it.

If you are passionate about revolutionizing commerce by bridging the gap between blockchain technology and real world asset transfers, we hope you apply to join us!

We are looking for an experienced Token engineer to join our growing team.
As Token Engineering is an interdisciplinary field we are specifically looking for someone with expertise in mechanism design, game theory, some systems engineering, governance knowledge and understanding the magic of Ethereum. In your role you will be working on the policies making up the Boson ecosystem: Curated proof markets, marketplace mining and relayer and aggregator incentivisation. Luckily you are not alone on this journey but working together with our Incredible advisors Dr. Trent McConaghy from Ocean protocol and Dr. Michael Zargham from Blockscience. The ideal candidate has in-depth knowledge of the blockchain industry and cryptoeconomics, is in sync with state of the art Token design best practices and will play a key role in devising, applying and refining Boson's token model. The initial engagement is for 3 months but with the intention of a long term position.

*Define the MVP and full token model for the upcoming BSN token.
*Test and simulate the MVP token model and apply the lessons learned to refining the full model
*Communicate about the token effectively internally and externally
*Oversee the development of the actual token in collaboration with the development team and external contractors


*Solid understanding of game theory, mechanism design, complex systems and other concepts that apply to tokenomics
*Experience with formally modelling token systems using cadCAD is a plus
*Clear understanding of Ethereum blockchain concepts and operation
*Experience in Token Engineering from conceptualisation through to delivery
*Passionate about producing and receiving high-quality deliverables

*Significant influence on designing the whole Boson ecosystem
*Work Remotely in a dynamic, young, fast growth startup
*Close collaboration with leading projects in the space, e.g. immediate deep dive into Ocean Protocol integration
*Future opportunities to grow your personal brand through presenting at conferences and events on behalf of Boson Protocol
*Competitive salaries, depending on ability and experience.
*Flexible working hours and a great work-life balance


game theory, mechanism design, complex systems, formally modelling token systems using cadCAD