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Backend developer (Node.js)


Posted 57 days ago

Libertas, based in the UK, is a young, hybrid, decentralised podcast infrastructure and streaming platform, born to promote unimpeded traffic between content creators and listeners and to empower everyone with the simplicity and freedom to distribute, monetise and stream original audio content.

At Libertas we are a fully remote, multi-disciplinary team that values bringing together the right people to give life to the Project’s vision.

We are looking for a long term, full-time commitment, not seasonal or part-time workers.
The right candidate will be passionate about our project and what we are trying to achieve.
This job is fully remote and highly adaptable to your work schedule, however, we have a preference for developers that can work during normal UTC hours.



3+ years of professional JavaScript/TypeScript development experience, with at least 2 of them being hands-on with Node.js on Medium-to-Large Applications and Server Environment.


Programming languages: JavaScript / TypeScript

Frameworks: Node.js

Protocols: REST API (Express)

Databases: SQL

Repository: Git(Hub)

Languages: excellent English communication skills (written as well as spoken)





Linux (standard admin)

Worked with audio client or serverside.


Designing, building, auditing, testing and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable code; as well as helping to maintain code quality and organization standards

Identify bottlenecks and bugs in our codebase, and devise solutions to mitigate and address these issues

Write, develop and implement specifications (improvement proposals) to improve and enhance the codebase or its functionality.

Working with internal development teams reporting to the Project Lead when required

Developing libraries and platforms for use and deployment by application developers


A strong understanding of engineering principles and processes aimed at developing simple, modular and high-quality code is desired

Good understanding of P2P networking and protocols. Experience with distributed systems and protocol design would also be a plus.

In-depth understanding of algorithms and data structures


As well as your development skills there are certain qualities that will make you the perfect fit for life here at Libertas. Qualities such as:

Commitment — We are looking for a long-term commitment. Someone we can rely on to take a project from initial plans to launch and beyond. If you’re looking for a role where you can grow, learn and work on projects that really make an impact, you’re exactly the kind of person we’re looking for.

Dedication, Drive, and Trustworthiness — As a busy team on the forefront of innovation, we’re looking for self-starters. We like those who enjoy using their initiative to solve problems, come up with ideas, help streamline processes and generally just get stuff done. We don’t micromanage, so we’re looking for someone that’s motivated to take charge of their own workload and deliver on their objectives.

Proactive not Reactive — Following on from the need to have someone who uses their own initiative, we are looking for someone who is decidedly Proactive. Someone who endeavours to solve a problem before it has occurred, someone who acts in advance of a future situation, who takes control and makes early changes rather than wait for something to happen.

Team-Oriented — At Libertas we’re one big family, so bringing in someone new means making sure that they’re a good fit for our team. We’re looking for someone that’s team-oriented and works well with others. This also means getting involved with all projects and taking on any task that might come your way.


Here are just a few more reasons why you should come and work with us:

Be part of something special — Working at Libertas means working at the forefront of technological innovation in an industry that is ours to shape, leading the way when it comes to innovation and application. If you thrive on new challenges, enjoy learning new things and relish the opportunity to work for a passionate and supportive team who are looking to make an impact, this really is the perfect place for you.

Work wherever, whenever — At Libertas we live and breathe decentralization. Working with us means working remotely, wherever and whenever you choose. Work from home, from the park, late into the night, or around your life commitments. As long as you’re delivering on your objectives, we’re happy.

Salary — Libertas offers a tiered compensation structure, where the better we do as a whole, the higher the compensation. You will also need to be comfortable being paid in cryptocurrency (BTC/ETH/LIBERTAS).


If you think Libertas might be the right place for you, apply to become part of our ever-growing family.
We will get back to you within 3 working days.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, REST API, SQL


Based on Experience

Applications for this job are currently closed.

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