Marketing and Content Manager at RoboVault

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About the Company

RoboVault is a single asset yield optimiser allowing users to earn passive income on assets deposited to our vaults. We have developed our own unique delta-neutral strategies & are in the process of scaling up usage of our product.

About the Job

RoboVault is all about providing users with competitive yields on assets through its advanced yield generating strategies. As our Marketing and Content Manager you will be responsible for leading marketing initiatives & developing marketing content to help grow our reputation.

Develop a marketing strategy to establish a brand and convert DeFi users into users of RoboVault.
Create marketing content such as articles and blog/forum posts
Oversee social media accounts and engage the community via several platforms (primary focus being twitter & medium while also helping engage community via discord)
Collaborate internally to integrate our brand narrative, product positioning, and messaging in all aspects of the brand experience

Requirements & Nice to Haves

A strong understanding of the DeFi landscape including a high level grasp of the mechanics of various DeFi protocols
Excellent communication skills & significant experience working with cross-functional teams to collaborate on initiatives.
Passionate storyteller with a broad understanding on how to communicate with diverse audiences within different geographical locations globally to articulate our value proposition in a compelling way.
Data-driven, fast-learning, flexible doer, who requires little day-to-day handholding.
Nice to Have: An existing portfolio with successfully marketed projects and/or published content.
Nice to Have: Ability to create & modify visual content such as info-graphics & memes to be included in marketing material
Nice to Have: Ability to contribute in areas outside of marketing such as business development, market research




Competitive Market Rates + Equity + Equity

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