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About the Job

Marketing Manager

Defactor is a platform and ecosystem that provides a gateway for traditional businesses to access the billions of dollars currently available in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) liquidity pools, offering a pipeline of real-world assets that can bring enormous value to the DeFi ecosystem. Defactor will spawn new business models and new financial products and services that are DeFi based. The main objective is to help cement DeFi as a true alternative to traditional finance.

We are rapidly expanding and looking for team members who believe in the power of DeFi to define business lending. If you want to be a leader in this new era of DeFi, then this role is for you!

The search is for an experienced marketing manager that has the passion and desire to work within the blockchain industry with a groundbreaking organization. Strong communication skills are needed as clear communication with our core team and our token holders will be crucial to success in this role.

You will need to:
- Understand Defactor and its value within the future of DeFi and communicate this vision to the community
- Position Defactor as recognisable brand/project in the DeFi / blockchain space
- Recognize our clientele and proactively learn what they need through consultations and surveys
- Support and understand the needs of the current token holders and understand what is needed to attract future token holders
- Collaborate with our Community Manager to generate stimulating and refreshing content for our social media platforms
- Develop and define KPIs that can be monitored by you and our team
- Learn what is necessary to make us more accessible to more clients so that we can continue to flourish successfully
- Stay up to date on the current news and trends within the industry and keep an eye on possible competition within the market

- This work is remote. Please note the team is mainly based in Europe and you will be expected to work within these timezones
- Experience working within the DeFi / blockchain industry is a must
- Excellent English writing skills are essential

We want groundbreakers and innovators that are ready to commit to our vision and forge the future of financial services in DeFi. If you think you have what it takes to work with us, donโ€™t waste any more time and apply now!

Learn more about who we are and what we want to achieve visit our website, Defactor | ReDeFining Business Finance.

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