Marketing and Content Manager at Peppersec Inc

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About the Job

Join our team as a Marketing & Content Manager and engage communities across top-rated projects in the blockchain ecosystem.

About Us:

One of our projects is Token MultiSender (, a dApp that was deployed in 2018 and has since established itself as one of the top batch-sending tools on the Ethereum mainnet and most sidechains. We have a large user base, our dApp is popular among the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and now we are looking for a Marketing Manager to join our ranks. We are constantly expanding and improving our product, and we want to ensure the world knows about our developments.
If the prospect of being part of this and other similar projects sounds exciting, then you are someone we want to meet. Our small yet dynamic team expects to look up to your expertise in guiding the marketing efforts of our products.


* High value on work/life balance.
* Work remotely from anywhere in the world.
* Enjoy a flexible schedule.
* Collaborate with and learn from the best professionals in DeFi

Upon joining us, you will:

* Develop and direct multiple avenues of marketing strategies to attract users.
* Actively follow news, threads and find topics to engage with.
* Create marketing content such as articles and blog/forum posts with the goal of product promotion.
* Oversee social media accounts and engage the community via several platforms to establish positive public relations.
* Research, plan, and execute ad campaigns.
* Communicate the vision and advantages of new product/feature releases.
* Analyze and respond appropriately to community feedback in coordination with partners and community manager.

An ideal candidate will demonstrate:
* 2+ years of experience in product or brand marketing.
* Excellent written English communication proficiency.
* Experience with or understanding of Blockchain space, NFT, and DeFi as well as Discord, Forums, Twitter and Telegram environments
* Ability to work autonomously and demonstrate great remote communication skills.
* Preferred: An existing portfolio with successfully marketed projects and/or published content.


social media marketing; content publishing



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