NFT Marketing & Strategic Manager at O-MEE.IO

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About the Job

What is O-MEE?
O-MEE is a social network and NFT marketplace that facilitates the creator economy by reinventing how you build social and economic value from your work.

We make it possible for creators, brands, businesses, projects, and communities to purchase, sell, and interact with NFTs while providing an interoperable social experience. To further fuel the creator economy, we leverage NFT technology to create a subscription-based framework for exclusive content creators.

O-MEE addresses the five critical issues; high fees, no data control, oppressive social algorithms, content ownership and low earning potential.

Our Mission; To facilitate user trading in a social NFT network environment, To provide subscription-based revenue models by leveraging NFT technology, To improve the social and economic value of the creator economy and to build value creation

- Implement a high-level NFT strategy working with artists to execute the onboarding process, and subsequent drops to establish new clientele and build relationships.
- Execute NFT project strategies by coordinating with internal and external artists, storytellers, and any other stakeholders required.
- Establish a strong community around these NFTs and related projects. Engaging and connecting with our target audiences depending on the project.
- Management of existing projects and creation of new initiatives to make the project even more successful.
- Create compelling experiences for creators and partners.

- 3-5 years of project management experience
NFT experience: as a marketing lead/contributor or a highly enthusiastic collector and/or community member
- Deep understanding and passion for NFTs both on the artistic, gaming, and mainstream pop culture
- In-depth knowledge of NFT/Crypto trends, innovations and strategies
- Social media management, strategy. scheduling management and reporting.
- Brand building and storytelling that is in line with our brand vision and guidelines.
- Deliver and innovate content with the design and commercial team.
- Implement industry best practices, and inform PR and social media campaigns.

- Bring together creators and collections with marketing collaboration to drive platform performance.
- Extremely passionate about the space
- Excellent written and verbal communication skill
- Strong creative vision and understanding of client and agency business needs and objectives
- Proven track record in social media management or fully understanding of its requirements.
- Must be a native or highly fluent English speaker with excellent written language.
- Organised, responsive, accountable and confident


Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Marketing Campaigns and Strategies


$30,000-$45,000 p.a

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