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Posted 398 days ago

Noozzle is looking to recruit brand ambassadors. Individuals who are genuinely passionate about cryptocurrency space and Noozzle upcoming products and services.
Your job as a brand ambassador means, you are in charge with growing awareness of the applicable services and products from Noozzle. It will be up to the brand ambassador to pitch the value they would be able to add. It could include building and developing the community around the world in the future, as well as organizing and hosting community events or meetups, potentially traveling and speaking at conferences in the future.
Brand ambassadors directly & plentifully interact with communities online and individuals in the cryptocurrency industry in person, but it is commonly a mixture of both.
Eligible examples of things a brand ambassador potentially may accomplish:
We encourage you to make use of all the regular channels. Continually representing Noozzle on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, Blogs, Slack, as well as setting up groups of interest.
In coordination and representing the project in your social circles and social media channels to people whom you personally know.
Forward the message of real-world adoption of cryptocurrencies with Noozzle. Educate the masses on why cryptocurrency has a prominent role in the future and the role of Noozzle in that movement.
Follow and interact with dedicated crypto enthusiasts who are interested to build a crypto wallet and other products, with Noozzle team and our current community.
Join different established social groups of interest and present Noozzle brand, products and services.
Payment Terms
Payment terms will be individually negotiated with ambassadors on a case by case, depending on their level of involvement and the value they are adding.
Payment could be in BTC or ETH and may be paid upfront, post-paid, or a combination of both. Upfront fees incurred (e.g. speaking fees, travel etc) will be paid upfront (All expenses must be approved and confirmed by Noozzle in advance)
Noozzle team and Noozzle community will set the monthly goals and brand ambassador will get the fixed rewards. Fixed rewards depends on the achievement percentage from the setted tasks.
(i.e. you can work one month, accomplish monthly tasks, take a break and return back)
How to Apply
The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and a confident person with good networking skills. We place no restrictions on your method of gaining decent results in any legal ways.
Got what it takes to act as a brand ambassador?
Please include the following details:
Tell us more about yourself. Where do you live, what languages do you speak?
How often do you travel? What crypto events have you visited?
What’s your experience and knowledge with sales and cryptocurrency space, networking, marketing, social media?
Let us know what you would intend on doing, where you think you can add the most value?
How do you intend to promote Noozzle and what channels, websites, groups do you run and work with?
Do you have any experience with graphic design and brand representation?


Crypto minded person, blogger, graphic designer, moviemaker skills welcome


By arrangement

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