Operations Management at ThorFi

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About the Company

ThorFi is a dynamic ecosystem of gamified utilities built on the Avalanche blockchain

About the Job

Run all operations of the project. This role is similar to that of a COO's. You will be leading this project along with the rest of the ThorFi team. Leadership/Organizational skills are expected.

- Make sure budget is tracking for development & keep overhead stable (could discuss with team as well)
- In charge of Development, you will have a team of Full Stack Solidity Engineers, Front End Engineers, Product Owner/Scrum Master, & Technical Project Manager
- Keep communications between development, community, designers, moderators, business
- Experience running operations with a team of developers for 2-3 years
- Make sure each product being built has a development roadmap & proper documentation to go along with it
- Keep regular communication daily with development
- You can make key decisions but please always consult with the core team first before making any. Our decision making is not by one single person, it is made by always consulting with the entire team so you can look at multiple angles
- You have the decision to hire/fire anybody depending on budget or performance.
- Great leadership, Great communication skills & well organized in your daily tasks
- Be extremely communicative with the Product Owner & Sr Engineer. You will be leading the development of each product & will be deciding what features are more of a priority or not
- Keep communications with the Community Manager rigorously in order to plan out ways on how to successfully market or manage the social media accounts
- Keep communications with the Treasury Manager always to determine how we could always capitalize off whats going on in the market.
- Responsible for paying out employees at the beginning of every month by making a CSV sheet. Payroll is done through Gnosis Safe
- You will have signing authority on select multisigs such as the operational wallet, contracts, & treasury
- Be active in the community discord, talk with people from time to time to show engagement
- Extensive knowledge in the DeFi space, & Business Development
- Knowledge of project management tools such as Asana, Jira in order to keep things tracking
- Not afraid to speak on AMA's from time to time, accompanied by the Community Manager
- If project would need more funding, coming up with different ideas on how to constructively get funding for the products we aim to build in the Web3 space.
- Knowledge of crypto regulations/legal

Recommended: Scrum Certified, Have been an Operations Management expert in Web3 Development, Knowledge of some kind tech stacks, have led a DeFi project or Web3 project of some kind, have an HR background.


Jira, Github, Asana, Agile


10000 USDC

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