Pre-seed fundraiser at HERMESNET LTD

Pre-seed fundraiser

Remote London
Posted 26 days ago

We are looking for experienced early-stage fundraising experts to set up and run the HERMESNET fundraising campaign.

Job Description:

An early-stage fundraising expert should have a deep understanding of the VC industry and previous successful experience working with earlier-stage investors, including VCs and business angels.


* Reviewing pre-investors materials Business plan, Pitch Deck, OnePage, etc.
* Setting up your outbound fundraising campaign with clear unidentified KPIs, investors' outreach targets, funding expectations, and timelines.
* Executing your fundraising plan.
* Keeping CRM records and providing regular updates.

The position requires:

* Providing a proven track record of previous successful raises.
* Having a list of relevant contacts and established relationships with them.
* Be able to provide recommendations.
* Submitting a fundraising plan with clear unidentified KPIs: investors' outreach targets, funding expectations, and timelines before you start.

Apply here:

#fundraising #job #blockchain #angelinvestors #angelinvesting #privateequity #venturecapital #venturefunding #fundraisingjobs


Fundraising, Sales, Relationship management


3000 to 10000 a month + Equity

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