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About the Company

We are a fintech startup that aims to build a bridge between traditional finance and the world of cryptocurrencies. Our project develops a complex of products that will further increase the demand for the PBX token, from crypto-friendly e-wallet pbxpay, to audited platform Earnio and Probinex's own Exchange. The initial token sale of PBX generated over $17.5 million and having the tokens locked in the StayKing program will deliver a lot of advantages and discounts to their holders, such as higher bonuses from Earnio, 20% of the Exchange’s profit share, and 65% from the performance of Probinex’s trading.

About the Job

What do I need to know about the position of product manager?

Manages the creation of the product. Product manager helps by monitoring the vision, strategy, and its implementation. He/she strives to achieve not only profit, but also general client satisfaction.
Product manager actively participates in strategic planning. He/she has at heart both the satisfaction of clients and the authorities governing the regulation of the financial industry.
Product manager is responsible for evaluating the impact of the product on the business model. He/she is monitoring experiences that come from clients.
He/she manages the prioritization and implementation of feedback that pertains to the product in question. Product manager helps to fulfill the goals that the company sets itself.
Product manager decides which metrics and guidelines to follow. He/she is a proactive part of the wider corporate ecosystem and is not afraid to put his/her hand to the work.
Can express complex ideas in a way that engages both internal and external audiences. Product manager is a natural leader who likes to present his/her ideas and shines with considerable experience.
Product manager is in charge of the cryptocurrency exchange:
He/she manages the executive team of the exchange.
Product manager works with several teams. From development, through analysts, marketers, and designers. He/she has a heartbeat on what the client desires and can lead the work so that it can be achieved effectively.
He/she has a close relationship with those who are experts in the field of law. The financial sector problematics must be approached with the utmost seriousness.

What are we looking for?

Agility and entrepreneurship that just can't be matched.
Understanding of cryptocurrency exchange platform products. Ability to navigate the functions and essentials of the spot and perpetual-futures market.
Unquestionable information background concerning marketing and technical specifications of modern cryptocurrency exchanges.
Knowledge of the regulation landscape in the cryptocurrency market and in the financial markets. In particular, it is EU legislation concerning the institute of KYC and AML. However, the view should be of a general type.
Extensive knowledge of how the financial sector operates.
The product manager should have experience with a similar role in the cryptocurrency industry or in the associated area of financial technology. He/she has already launched a successful product and is not afraid to show off its functionality.
Product manager realizes that we are working in a dynamic industry. He/she must be able to make decisions and derive responsibility.
Understanding of cryptocurrency exchange platform products. Ability to navigate the functions and essentials of the spot and perpetual-futures market.
He/she is able to prioritize tasks and sort backlog, which is based on intensive data analysis. Product manager is not afraid to define his/her own goals and follow his/her own strategy.
Product manager is the leader. A strong personality who can lift and motivate others.
Keeps track of product vulnerabilities. He/she seeks to seek and take advantage of market opportunities.
The product manager is the MVP!
He/she has experience with data analysis and A / B testing.
Can draw conclusions from a wide range of feedback from the user base.
His/her English is fluent – both written and spoken.
He/she is independent and does not need daily supervision.
Product manager understands that the nature of work requires the ability to keep secrets.
He/she shares enthusiasm for products and technologies associated with the world of cryptocurrencies.

Probinex is a project you will never be bored with. In addition, we offer…

AML and GDPR training. We understand that for some, European and Czech legislation can be confusing and even complicated. Training will help you enter a new position with ease.
open and fair environment. Pleasant corporate atmosphere welcomes new ideas and opinions. It does not try to suppress them, but to evoke them.
possibility of growth. Not only in personal life, but also in career.
competitive salary. We appreciate everyone who helps Probinex grow. We reward enthusiasm and great results.
space to steer one of the most important parts of a massive financial technology company.
getting to know the best people in the field. Everyone at Probinex has a unique personality. You can personally meet those who plan to change the world of cryptocurrencies.
leader. We don't have bosses, we have leaders who elevate others and never otherwise.
fun events and teambuildings. We will not leave you like a stake in the fence, you will soon become an integral part of the project.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking for new colleagues every day, so don't wait for anything.


Product Management, Regulation knowledge, Marketing and technical background, financial sectors


4500 - 5000/month

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